What smoothie flavors should I try?

Karen B.
I would start with a base of frozen 🍌banana and then add berries🍒🍓 or mango🥭, citrus such as lime🍋, greens such as kale 🥬and mint.

Coconut 🥥 and nut butters can be interesting too.

Natalie J.
Different fruit flavors mixed with spinach. They should be mostly fruit with a handful of spinach, and possibly a bit of a nut butter for added protein and healthy fats. The main thing you will taste is the fruit, but with the benefits of spinach and nut butter. It is also important to add water to keep it smooth. One of the best fruits to use is banana necause it is soft and super sweet. Another fruit is berries, because they are full of flavor and there are so many kinds of berries that you can have tons of fun with the flavor. You can also make a chocolate one by using banana and a spoonful of cacao powder. The chocolate flavor is so strong that it doesn't taste like any ingredient besides chocolate. Mmmmmm…
Noelle N.
I would try a green smoothie! I usually go tropical, with pineapple, coconut, and banana with spinach and kale. I usually add some vanilla Greek yogurt (I like the oikos triple 0 kind) and some vanilla protein powder as well, to make sure I get all sorts of healthy nutrients!
Berries are also a lot of fun. They’re really high in fiber, so they’ll keep you full longer! You could buy some frozen mixed berries and toss those in a blender with milk, yogurt, or juice and make a smoothie with that, too!
Again, adding protein or some sort of nutrition powder is great for any smoothie for that extra boost!
Th O Z.
Strawberry pineapple smoothies are the best. If you are feeling really adventurous add some kiwi. The best sweetener is honey.
Philip B.
Try an almond butter smoothie. Or if you have a sweet tooth, use peanut butter, sugar, and a little bit of cocoa powder. Try an avocado smoothie, or a hibiscus mango smoothie. You can find all of these recipes on Pinterest😉!
Kreszenz X.
I always use frozen fruit ( more cost effective)
X1 banana
Oat milk
Blueberries and raspberries
Small handful of spinach
Chua seeds
Soak overnight ( or it's more of a slushie, which I don't like. )
It will defrost the frozen fruit
Enjoy.. x