As for someone who struggles with putting and keeping weight on what are the best breakfast options for me?

Let S A.
I have the same issue! For me, making sure to load my breakfast with carbs and protein is what really keeps my body fueled throughout my day. Some good options I gravitate towards are oatmeal with protein powder and fruit (choose a flavor you like!), protein pancakes/waffles with berries, eggs (however you like ‘em) with some greens, breakfast burritos, greek yogurt, avocado toast with cottage cheese, or if i’m really low energy just some buttered toast with a quick protein shake will work. The key to putting & keeping on weight is to make sure your eating above your maintenance calories— that is whatever the minimum calories you need to maintain your current weight are— you instead want to be in a calorie surplus. Sustaining a surplus for a while (ideally with healthy options that will keep your body feeling good) will move your maintenance calories up over time. I wish you luck in your weight gaining journey! Take care of yourself, friend 🙂
Carmen P.
As one who is trying to lose weight there are tons of options! That is if you eat all forms of meat( bacon/ sausage/ kielbasa. So the one I love the most is bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Even if you want to be healthy in your eating you can incorporate fruits and vegetables into the meal( like strawberries and whip cream instead of syrup). Another one of my favorites is bacon, hashbrowns, Texas toast, and eggs( scrambled for me but you choose). The third and last of my favorites is bacon, grits, eggs. Grits can be bland and they take constant supervision in order to avoid lumps and you must boil water before putting in the grits! I hope this helps! Enjoy it will put on the pounds!