Do you eat your breakfast at the same time every day or does it vary?

Ribca Z.
I eat at different times every day to practice intuitive eating. I am trying to pay more attention to my hunger queues, so I do not want to feed my body if it isn't telling me it's hungry.
Noah Z.
Nope. All depends on what day it is and what I need to do. But I’m trying to make sure it’s within the first couple of hours of being awake.
Leire S.
It varies. My general rule is to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, regardless of what time I wake up. So it tends to vary between weekends and weekdays for me.
Luis R.
No it is different most days. Some days it takes a while to get out of bed. Some days I don’t have much and have to go somewhere.
Peggy T.
No. I eat breakfast shortly after I wake up but that’s a different time usually every day. I think setting an alarm in the future might be helpful.
Wesley T.
I do eat my breakfast every day, yes. Right before I leave to work. I should eat it earlier through. But it’s a work in progress.
Isolde J.
Mine does vary. I do not have a set schedule every day. But I do try to keep a routine once I wake up. It helps me keep on track.
Ana S O.
I usually try to keep it consistent and eat at the same time, however this is a bit difficult on the weekends if I want to sleep in
Thomas C.
Mornings are very busy for me and my family, so it’s hard to make sure I eat breakfast at the same time. I try, but what’s more important is that I make sure I eat something nutritious every morning, even if I don’t have the time to sit down and eat breakfast. Organic, low sugar, fiber/protein/fat rich snacks will do the job on those mornings.
L Andro S.
It varies. I live a rather unroutined life so eating breakfast breakfast at the same time every day is nigh impossible.

Whenever I wake up, I most naturally read first or drink water. Then I work out before eating.

This is pivotal: work out for 10 minutes right when you get up after water before eating. Make yourself wait for that first meal. Earn that first meal with 5-10 minutes of working out.

In the past it wasn't so easy to acquire good as it is right now. If you don't spike your glucose levels first thing in the morning you will actually find you have more energy than you think.

Yes, feeling hungry while working out at first is miserable. But your body GIVES you more energy to "go get the food."

Your body was design to reserve and store energy for going and getting food like day hunting a deer or climbing a tree to get fruit.

It is set up to store energy to give it to you when you need it.

So it stores it in fat waiting until you tell it to use it.

So do yourself a favor and earn that first meal by exercising for 5-10 right when you get up before you eat breakfast.

After breakfast you won't "feel" like working out because at this point your body sees no reason to give you extra stored energy to do so. You've already given it sufficient energy to run major life functions.

Try it. Feel the surprising raw energy and feel good again!

Do this at whatever time you get up, but water first 😉

S Lnior T.
Varied. Depends on whether or not I am hungry, and if I am increasing the length of intermittent fasting beyond 12 hours.
Maja Y.
It varies depending on whether I'm working or off. I know that having a set time is best, but I'm choosing at this point to give myself some flexibility and we'll see if that works.
Ben W.
On workdays I eat at the same time, I do have a pretty settled morning routine so this is easy for me to stick to.
On weekends it varies and I often opt for brunch, outside my home, rather than breakfast at home.
Carlos Z.
I usually try to wait until noon to eat breakfast, because it helps with weight management. I don't follow the same exact schedule every day for breakfast.
Devon Y.
It varies. Generally during the week would be similar owing to the daily routine and constraints of work – fitting breakfast in is a struggle during the week, however, at weekends with more time it can fluctuate and depends if I have the boys or not and where I am.
Lily N.
I eat at the same time every morning. I don’t always want to but if I don’t the day gets away from me and I just know that I’ll feel way better all day long if I eat breakfast.
Amber T.
For me, it varies day to day. During the week I typically have breakfast before 8. On the weekends or holidays, it could be as late at 10. I still eat breakfast no matter what.
Augusto Q.
it varies a little bit. Same with the breakfast itself. I try to make small adjustments, like water instead of juice and bread with chicken instead of Nutella. Slowly working to the nuts and yoghurt. Breakfast is however always after 15-20 minutes from when I wake up, then my body is awake enough to be hungry. Otherwise I feel like being sick, eat less and be hungry again around 9:30 – 10 am and stuff myself with sweets and such. Hope it helps you!
Jacob B.
I usually eat my breakfast at the same time, because I have incorporated into my routine. So that means I will get up and get dressed, have some tea and read, them have breakfast before I get ready for the day (do my make up and brush my teeth). By making it a part of my routine I’m less tempted to skip it. It removes uncertainty and doesn’t let me procrastinate.
Wallace O.
Depends on when I get to work, etc. Also, if I do a sporting activity in the morning, I eat breakfast after the activity.
Shelly U.
I end up eating my breakfast at the same time every day, primarily because my daughter eats at about the same time every day, so I eat after getting her breakfast ready. All part of a morning routine to get to school/work on time.
Tony N.
No, I wake up at around 6-7 and drink water and then walk my dogs. After that I make and eat breakfast so it’s roughly around 8/8:30.
Ernest Y.
It definitely varies. Some things I eat in the car on the way to work. Others I eat when I get there or after my first meeting.
Jesus E.
I eat at breakfast at different times every day. It depends on when I wake up and how much quality sleep I was able to het the night before. However I can see how have habits automatically associated with specific times can make keeping these habits so much easier.
Chiara Y.
It varies from day to day and I try to keep it at the same time everyday but with my busy schedule it is hard to do that. So it just varies from day to day
Brad Q.
I have been eating breakfast at the same time every day. I usually, I’ll wake up and make my coffee and eggs. After I feed Kamea, I sit down and enjoy the meal. It allows me time to pack my lunch as well as actually sitting to eat the meal! It’s been pleasant and not super time consuming yet.
Kristen P.
It varies, I try to eat quickly after waking up. It keeps me fueled and ready to start the day. On Mondays I tend to eat breakfast earlier because I'm doing my best to get on top of my life. The later in the week it gets, the later I eat breakfast until it's brunch.
Avery E.
I eat my breakfast between 06h00 and 06h20 on weekdays when it’s schooldays. I only change my time during school holidays.
Elmer U.
It varies, but I have a routine breakfast now that usually doesn't vary by day. That reduces my decisions every day and makes it easy for me to restock with food appropriately
Gladys G.
It can vary. For me it’s not about the time as much as it is about the order in which I do it. I like to get moving and drink some water, maybe shower before I make breakfast. I like to shake off that sleepiness so I can be fully present with my meal and enjoy it vs scarfing it down because I’m famished
Marc J.
It varies bc when I wake up varries. I’m a full time student and I have classes at different times every day so I wake up at a different time every day. In an ideal world I would get up at 6 every morning but the reality is that I hate mornings and it just won’t happen
Walter Z.
I have an odd work schedule, so my sleep schedule isn't good either. I wake up at different times every day. A habit I'm looking to change
Hanna E.
It varies. I try to drink a shake on the way to drop of my youngest son at school. Most times, I will eat something else after a workout.
Cody R.
Usually I eat at the same time every day. It helps to keep the routine, but I do eat later on weekends when i can, because I like to sleep a lot.
Myriam S.
I always eat breakfast pretty much immediately after I wake up but it does vary since I have a job with flexible hours and thus not always wake up at the same time.
Stephen S.
My breakfast time varies from day to day. It depends on whether it is a working day or a day off. Anyway I always keep in mind that I should have a good breakfast.
Siegbert S.
On the weekdays I will eat breakfast at the same time everyday, unless I am on vacation, or a work trip. On the weekends the timing is more varied, although the tendency is to eat breakfast fairly close to the weekday time. Breakfast on the weekends is also dependent on where I am running that day, and how far I am running.
Brad F.
I eat my breakfast around the same time every day but it can vary within 30 minutes. It generally depends on what kind of breakfast I have in mind for today and how long it takes me to have my morning exercise routine
Vivan C.
I try to eat at the same time every day during the week. It is easier to follow a routine during the week.On weekends since I wake up later, I do not follow a schedule.
Gerald Z.
I try to do it at the same time every day. But I'll sleep in to get my 8 hours of sleep. This to me is more important than eating at exactly the same time.

My breakfast is always at the same time relative to my waking up time though.

Albina N.
I have two different times for breakfast when I have to go to school and when I can sleep in. Both are half of my week but I keep to these times. When I have to go to school I eat breakfast at 6.30 and when I can sleep in I eat breakfast at 9.30.
Sean B.
Right now it varies, since i usually eat at work, so when I really busy I cant eat while checking the inbox etc. But getting a more set routine is helping me eat prior to work so its getting closer to a consistent time.
Gata F.
I do not wake up at the same time everyday but I do eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. I wake up, drink water, use the bathroom and then have breakfast. I always start my day in that order before anything else can get in the way.
Marie G.
I usually eat breakfast am hour or two after I wake up, although it does vary. This is partly because i wake up at different times and because i don't have a real routine right now. I am working to change that.
Silke E.
I eat breakfast at about the same time on the weekdays, whereas it differs on th weekends. On the weekdays, I’ll eat somewhere between 6:10-6:20. On the weekends, I’ll eat between 8-11.
Timothy Q.
It varies, although I try to keep it within the same hour but it’s difficult because of school starting so early. Sometimes I’m not able to because I feel so sick eating before 8am.
Bayram G.
I usually ate at 8/9 a.m, or if I have morning class (which is maybe just once a week), I ate at 7 so not really a big difference.
Zeferino Y.
Currently mine varies. But that’s mostly because I don’t have a full-time job during the week. I plan on getting one soon. When that happens I am hoping I will be able to do exercise and breakfast at the same time every day. I think having the time be scheduled at the same time every day will make it even more likely to be a habit I keep.
Frida X.
I do not eat breakfast. I have been intermittent fasting for 3 months. I do believe that eating breakfast at the same time is very helpful to create a regiment. Prepping breakfast at night would help as well.
Sofia W.
I try to eat at the same time every day because it helps to create the solid habit of eating. I used to not eat breakfast, but as I got older it became more of a necessity.
Willelmina Z.
It varies every day, but I think it would be better for me if it was within a specific timeframe every day (between 8:30 and 9:30 for example)
Glenda E.
Yes, I try and do it the same time everyday so I don't forget to eat breakfast. Also it allows we to eat my other meals on time as well so I don't get hungry.
Caroline E.
As I strive to wake at exact same time every day (6:00), sticking to morning routine means that I have breakfast within same period, give or take 10 minutes
Albino Q.
For me it varies by about a half hour every day. Life is unpredictable, and no matter how close to my own schedule I aim to stick sometimes it just isn’t realistic! I don’t live alone, so sometimes the needs of my family (my partner and our puppy) make it difficult to stay exactly on target daily. I try to practice a little bit of flexibility and kindness towards myself and them, rather than being disappointed when I can’t get it exactly right. It matters more to me that I do get around to preparing it quickly and that I have made that commitment to myself to start my day off on the right foot.
Sophia Y.
Yes I do most of the time mostly at 6:00 or7:00 am when I’m getting ready for school but when I’m on off for the weekend and have to get breakfast at a different time my habit still never goes away which is good
Thomas Q.
I tend to vary of from weekday to weekend as I get up at different times on a weekend. I would like it to be a little more uniform.
Erin F.
Yes, I eat at the same time everyday. I’m on a tight schedule in the morning, getting myself and the kids ready for school so breakfast has to stay on schedule
Douglas U.
It varies. When I’m working I have to leave the house at 6.45 so I take my breakfast with me and eat it about 9am. When I’m at home at the weekends it tends to be a little later. About 10.
Emily P.
I eat a banana before I go to work which is a regular time and sometimes I eat a breakfast bar and coffee on the train into work
Amy Q.
More or less at the same time. Anyway the important thing for me about having a sting habit in having breakfast is to be very used to have breakfast every day. So not having breakfast sounds like terrible to me.
Rachel J.
I do eat at roughly the same time every day. It helps me stay on track. Honestly, I've always been so lazy and free, never really sticking to a routine. That lifestyle has left me moody, overweight, overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. I've been finding so much comfort in just doing things about the same time. I finally feel like I am getting the right kind of control in my life, instead of the destructive kind of control.
Marsha E.
My weekday routine follows the same schedule. I do sleep in a little later on weekends when I can and like to get in some aerobics first. So weekends are often a combined late breakfast-early lunch that also allows for some calorie splurge!