What’s your healthy breakfast looks like?

Frankie W.
A good quality coffee with sugar free almond milk. A couple of whole-grain bread slice with ham, and sided with some greens. Sometimes a soft boiled egg, and a tall glass of tap water.

Aubree W.
my breakfast is nt healthy at all if I'm honest. Consist in just a medium/big cup of coffee with (sometimes) cookies. I used to do that at 12 pm and then eat a "proper" meal until 5 to 6 pm, but now i take my coffe aroubd 8 to 10 am and eat lunch at 12 pm, most of the time eggs with something else.

Annamaya U.
Right now, a good breakfast is half an anti-inflammatory bun w. peanut butter and banana. Anything with fibers and low sugar is satisfactory in my book. I try to avoid white bread in the morning.

Zafar V.
It’s not that healthy but I always make three eggs either fried or scrambled or I would make an omelette and have that with five toast. Then I would make chai tea for myself and eat Hawaiian buns with that.