Is it easier to prep at night or get up a little earlier to make food?

B Ris Q.
For me, it’s much easier to prep at night. I can’t keep track of time in the morning and tend to run out of it, but if o have everything ready to go it helps me feel more in control of the day from the get go.

Celina R.
I like to get up earlier and take my time to prepare breakfast. That’s a great opportunity to reflect on the coming day, visualize, say your affirmations, or just enjoy the quiet time in the morning.

Martha A.
It’s way easier on me in the morning if I’ve prepared everything the night before. I find that it takes me a really long time to wake up and get my wits about me. I’m very forgetful and confused the first hour out of bed.

Evan U.
Somedays it's easier to prep the night before, but i usually get up early so it doesn't bother me to get up a little bit earlier than usuall

Aurelino Z.
I like to sleep in (and procrastinate). To avoid skipping a meal because of lack of preparation, I make myself prepare in advance.

Elsa Q.
Good preparation makes life so much easier, so generally it is always better to meal prep the night before. There are websites devoted to healthy meal prep that can make your whole week easier. Some things still have to be cooked, but doing the planning and getting the materials out means you walk up already halfway there! Good luck!

Magnus Z.
Yes. It’s a lot easier. I’m very proud of myself. I did not know I could be this excited for the day ahead and the current day now. I thank you for creating such a beautiful gift for yourself, Gjvon. Keep going.

Julie X.
Um well I don’t really eat food In the morning but I guess it’s easier to get up and just drink some water now that I’ve kinda gotten used to it. I feel very bloated and quessy when I eat breakfast in the morning so I don’t eat it, ever.

Camille Z.
Well that depends entirely on you and your schedule. Where do you have the time? Do you mind waking up early or do you prefer to work at night?

Howard Y.
It’s easier to prep food at night while making dinner. I think it’s best to make lunch for the next day at the same time.

Darrell O.
It depends if you like a cold breakfast, like overnight oatmeals. I prefer warm breakfast, like a toast, so I rather get up earlier

Bruce P.
I personally prep my meals for the work week on the Sunday night . It's a lot more efficient in terms of time. I tend to either cook on the weekends or go out. It's a good balance

Roberta O.
Definitely at night. That way you actually have the time, you just have to be motivated to do it. I’m the morning, you’re rushing around, things don’t go as planned, and prepping food is the first thing to skip when you’re trying to get out the door and be somewhere on time.

Nathaniel T.
Well in my opinion doing it the night or afternoon before is so much better than to have to scramble in the morning. It’s easier to have everything out including what you have to wear for the next day. It’s just way faster and less stressful. Also you could be getting an extra hour of sleep since you won’t have to get up and prepare everything!

George J.
Well you can always do chopping the stuff in night and then get up at your usual time and cool healthy fresh food. Plus cutting veggies and chopping stuff itself is soothing at times.

Ariane C.
I assume you are aiming at breakfast. I'd say no, get up a bit earlier, and depending on your breakfast it wakes you up a bit too (Like making pancakes or bacon&eggs)
lunch however, yes, if you dislike bread or something similar, cook a bit more of you diner dish, let it cool, store it in a container and put in the fridge. Following morning take it with you as lunch and heat in a microwave (remember that reheating certain green leaf containing dishes, like spinach, is poisonous when reheating, <no joke>,so don't take those). So it depends, breakfast: get up early, lunch: prep it the day before with your diner! Goodluck!

Jonas B.
I make most of my meals for the week on Sunday, but it depends on what I want to eat. Like I'll bake a batch of healthy muffins for breakfasts, but if you prefer muesli with yoghurt then prep would be unnecessary. Lunch is mostly dinner leftovers with extra greens (I buy a big bag of spinach to add to them).

It depends if you're a snoozer I guess, but I need to have my meals ready to grab in the morning or I'll skip it.

Victoria U.
There are some prep steps that I don't feel like doing in the morning, such as boiling the eggs every morning. I do that in bulk for the next couple of days, and just heat up in the morning. With the veggies, I prefer to prepare in the morning as they are more fresh that way. Rule of thumb is whatever makes your life easier, please don't be harsh on yourself with the rules

Slobodan X.
It’s easier to prep at night. Prep always takes a little longer than you might expect, but then you can also sleep more peacefully at night…and maybe a little longer.

Sara P.
Preparing the night before will give you peace of mind. Also if you realise you ran out of something you can easily change and even go and get the item. Then in the morning you can concentrate on what's important instead of being stressed to do and synchronise a lot of things in short time.

Julia Q.
Sometimes. Depending on the food, most of the time I eat oatmeal in the morning with a bit of milk. I prepare the oatmeal (I make it very pudding-looking) the night before and let it cool, before going to sleep I put it in the fridge for next day. The following day I just add a couple spoons of hot water into a medium size bowl and add the oatmeal there. Mix it and add milk immediately. This is for most of my breakfasts, with some cinnamon.

Tim G.
Since it is about food it is best enjoyed when fresh. Also preparing a meal starts the mood going and our system activates to digest the meal

Enes P.
It depends on what time you start work. For example, if you start early in the morning perhaps it would be easier to prepare it at night.

Wolfhard T.
As I am a night owl, I feel more comfortable making my food at night especially during the weekday. Your less stressed in the morning figuring out what to make and where the ingredients are to make it. In addition, there is one less thought in your mind providing more “me time” before going to work.

Nicklas P.
That depends on your natural inclination. Are you a lark? Get up earlier. An owl? Prep before you go to bed. Remember that food for breakfast doesn't have to be traditional. A sandwich or sauteed veggies or salad with some protein. All good.

Guido Z.
At night is better for me because it’s one less thing that I have to think about in the morning. Plus I’m not really a morning person yet

Chester P.
It’s easier for me to prep at night than in the morning, partially because I’m much more of a night person. I am tired and grumpy for a while in the mornings until I’m fully awake and that means I’m more likely to give in to easy and unhealthy choices.

Est Ban Y.
I find this question to be highly dependent on the person. For me, prepping breakfast in the morning is my preference because of the types of breakfast foods I enjoy most. Prepping some ingredients for the week could make sense (e.g. hard-boiled eggs), too.

Alice C.
For me, prepping at night is key. I'm not a morning person, so reducing the steps necessary for me to get to the proper nutritional and fitness goals at the start of my day is tremendously helpful.

Cemal S.
I always meal prep on Sundays and try to make as many meals as my fridge will fit. I also use a container that has separate compartments so each meal has its own container. I also pre-bag veggies and nuts into individual sandwich bags to keep in my purse for times when I get extra hungry. I also have protein bars readily available. This prevents you from making bad decisions during moments of hunger. If I run out of pre-made meals, I prep more mid-week at night time.

Maria W.
That depends on the person. I’m a morning person so I like to get up early and have plenty of time to make breakfast. But sometime I do meal prep a bit the night before for the next couple of days.

Maelya T.
When really giving attention to your diet, especially at the beginning, it is fun to prepare food in advance. For example, little containers of veggies and several nice lettuces can be thrown together just before eating and be used for several meals. Don’t do too much, though, because veggies get brown over time.

Ann Kathrin T.
I do better with the next day if I prepare for it. If I decide what I’m going to eat, wear, and pack my stuff for the day, I will get up and exercise, eat, and be ready and out the door on time. My day starts better!

Dean F.
for me, I have to do at the night before. If I plan to do it in the morning, 9 times out of 10 I will not actually in prepping the food. So for me I have to do it at night

Erin F.
Prepping at night sets you up for success in the morning. When you first wake up you're fighting against inertia- you want to stay at rest. LOL

When you take a few more minutes of your evening to get prepping for the next day you are giving your future self something to look forward to.

Louise U.
Neither, consistently. There is so much more to preparing food than just deciding to do it. There has to BE food to prepare, and the task has to fit in with the rest of my schedule, and I have to have the energy and the motivation. Also some mornings I wake up early with inexplicable energy and making food would be a logical choice but are the other factors in place? So… hard to say.

Enrique O.
I do half and half. I prepare my lunch and breakfast ingredients at night, and I blend my breakfast shake in the morning.

Alberto C.
I am not a morning person, so for me it is definitely easier to do it at night. On the flip side, my nights are already really busy, and it can make it kind of stressful or make me want to just put it off until morning. However, I know that if I stress myself out first thing in the morning, my whole day will start bad and that’s hard to come back from.

Selma C.
It would be easier to prep at night. It gives time to process and prepare the meal not for consumption but as it relates to how you want the day to go as you include your meals. Plus it will give time for other activities that will take place as a part of the morning routine.

Andre E.
I have a hard time waking up in the morning and I am always running late so prepping the night before really helps me have everything together that I need for the next day. However, if it is too late at night prepping at night will just throw off my time to bed and therefore my tome to wake up so I need to be finished prepping by 9pm I think to be successful.

Jonathan C.
On work days I take ready made food, like natural greek yogurt cups, an apple with almonds, or a low sugar protein bar; On off days I make breakfast in the AM 🙂 !

Ella Y.
I prep several days at a time by making my own butcher muesli – I find this a great time saver in the morning. Plus my Son and Husband love it too and we can mix up flavours and contents each batch I make. Good fibre, can make gluten free by using chia or quinoa or buckwheat. Many options for flavours, toppings, textures etc!

Jerusa Z.
It will always be easiest to prep at night as in the morning I am always in a rush. But at night I am soo lazy so does that mean it is easier in the morning. Which is better? So both morning and night suck, but I know that if I do it at night it actually gets done. I am already awake at 0450. That’s way early and I still can’t get any prepping done!!!! So nighttime it is!

Juanita Z.
I prefer to prepare at night, but I always forget, so I always set an alarm 30 minutes before the time I should wake up, if I forget to prepare I have the time, if not I'll have 30 minutes to do whatever I want