What makes a great breakfast?

Daria O.
Great breakfast is a balanced meal that keeps you energized and happy.
Carbs (whole grains – porridge, whole-grain bread)) + protein (eggs, tofu, chicken, hummus…) + fiber (veggies) + fat (avocado, oil, butter, salmon…)
Zoe A.
A great breakfast is something that gives me enough fuel to make it through the morning. I want to feel full and satisfied so I don't have to worry about making a poor snacking choice mid morning. After I eat breakfast at home, I like to have something like some herbal tea or a tumbler of nut milk to sip on my commute and in my office to curb cravings.
Ramberto C.
One that fits you for the day. My favourite is beetroot, avacado and egg on toast. But it's time and money that I don't have.

My staple is yogurt, oats and fruit. Or a protein shake with either peanut butter or oats blended in. These are super fast and healthy, and filling. Plus drinking a breakfast seems quicker than eating.

A great compromise between a perfect start and one that doesnt stress me out financially or timewise.

Gabriela Q.
Oats, flaxseeds, frozen berries, peanut butter and a banana – 2 portions of fruit, lots of omega 3’s and keeps me full till lunchtime 👌🏼
Susie T.
It needs to have Depot and protein… Also, sometimes adding something heavy (like eggs) for not being hungry 2 hours later
Elliott V.
I try to always aim to have a source of protein and of carbs or natural sugars in my breakfast because these are good sources of energy. The sugar will be broken down quickly and energize you in the short term, whereas the protein will break down over a longer period to give you a slow burn source of energy.
Sahar X.
A delicious breakfast with healthy ingredients and enough calories plus a nice coffee. I say it is important to eat it peacefully, with no rush and stress. I also suggest you to eat it with your loved ones and enjoy even more.
Henry J.
I would say, a healthy breakfast that is full of protein to keep you feeling energized and full longer or until lunch time. I usually toast 2 slices of bread, mash 1 avocado and add a little salt, cook 2 over medium eggs and season then, then I spread some avocado mix on the 2 slices of bread and out 1 cooked egg on each toasted bread, and top it with “everything but the bagel” seasoning from Traders Joe’s. 😊 It keeps me full till my next meal.
Samantha E.
For me a great breakfast is something that I take the time to enjoy making, weather that be protein packed oat pancakes or a scrabble with loads of veggies. Anything that you feel that is satisfying and helps maintains energy levels throughout the day. You'll know the feeling when you finish a great breakfast 💕
Maurice G.
I am not a huge breakfast eater. So I tend to keep it easy. I will eat eggs. As there are so many different and easy ways they can be prepared and they are a good source of energy.
Dianne Z.
A great breakfast is a breakfast with fruit, a cup of tea, and the silence in the morning. Eating a breakfast alone is the best feeling. It makes you able to slowly wake up and prepare for the day.
Nicole Z.
I eat oatmeal with chia seeds and blueberries. Sometimes I add eggs. Hard boiled or easy scramble. You can add walnuts too. I also drink a kale smoothie in the morning. A bunch of kale leaves and one apple in the blender. It tastes good and gives me more energy than coffee. I feel better knowing that I am incorporating nutrients and antioxidants in my diet. Hope this helps and best of luck.
Nika N.
A great breakfast is what you thrive on through the day and I think what makes a great breakfast is having options. For example plan what you eat the day before you eat it, Yesterday I planned to make a hard boiled egg and omelette with a mango smoothie and I did it! Having protein fruits vegetables and milk is To me the best breakfast.
Rosa N.
Healthy foods that keep you full all day! I'm a big proponent of oatmeal and fruit for breakfast during the week, and eggs/pancakes on the weekends!
May Y.
A good breakfast for me would be having a nice bowl of porridge or yogurt and a handful of fruits and nuts. Great thing about a breakfast like this is that it make me super full before I even get to the fruits and nuts part, so some days I’d only have porridge and that would be it. A bonus to this is the boost that the porridge will give you throughout the day, and the yogurt for me wakes me is with it’s cold tang, starting off your day fresh and energized!