What is your favourite breakfast to have made for you by a family member?

Adamantino C.
I really like toast with an egg on top with some fresh avocadoes and tomatoes on the side. I heard that eggs have a lot of protein that's why I try to have a decent amount of it! Try it out 🙂

Mathew E.
I love it when my dad makes his блины – the Russian version of pancakes/crêpes/whatever you might call it. In second place I'd say the fruit salad either my mom or my brother make! With lots of different berries, apples, bananas etc. and yogurt!

Angelica I.
My mom used to make me occasionally pancakes with Nutella and I really loved that. However I’ve always done my own breakfast and now in a healthy way.

Elsa P.
I think cake. Usually we don't share breakfast because for us it's a fast meal. But when we share, my mom makes the best cakes ever!

Eug Nio N.
A good breakfast cooked by my family is a good one which is some egg and a sausage with one cup of rice to be fulled with some vitamins from it and a water.

Frida E.
The scrambled egg and vegetables my father makes is the best, toss that on the plate with buttered toasted bread and your day is gonna be amazing .

Oliver C.
A breakfast burrito would be great. I often make a strawberry banana smoothie with Muscle Milk for protein and green powder. Oatmeal is something healthy that is quick and easy to make at work.