What do you do when you really crave donuts or frozen French toast for breakfast?

Gabriel G.
I’ll let myself have something sweet for breakfast, but not enough to “spoil” my appetite. For instance, I’ll have spoon of ice cream (yes… truly), but leave plenty of room for something healthy, like an egg white omelet, to serve as the main component to my meal.
Frida A.
I started by stopping buying those things when doing groceries、telling myself I still had some to be finished at home. So that when I don't have any stock left、I'd be forced to replace those things with something else to slowly 'brake the habbit'. Then if the craving persists I'd buy some similar but healthier things to replace it with、and repeat the process until fully 'desintoxicated' and satisfied by my replacement food、enough to not feel any cravings.
You need to be strong while doing groceries ! If you don't buy it、you won't eat it !
Silas B.
Ooooooh, I would have a sugar rush. But that ain’t such a bad thing tho. I prefer donuts more probably cuz I eat them more over frozen French toast. They’re both good honestly. But Donuts says it all for me.
Allison C.
You can still have your French toast maybe separate the yolk from the whites and make sure that you have some fruit and maybe a glass of orange juice everything is in moderation
Frauke S.
When you’re really craving waffles/ French toast/pancakes eating just fruit or yogurt won’t leave you satisfied so it’s better to find a healthy option for whatever it is you truly want to eat. It might take some experimenting in the kitchen though. There are healthier frozen options that are whole grain or gluten free like vans too
Eva P.
Try to come up with a healthier alternative, make fresh French toast instead of frozen then you can choose different and healthier ingredients
Ljubica Z.
I place water and fruits oatmeal and eggs around me and plain sight so I would choose those first and I will get rid of the donuts and frozen French toast so I wouldn't see them
Vanessa Q.
I eat some fruits instead. It May not be the same feeling of eating some donuts or french toast, but i keep reminding my self about how important my breakfast is and how it affects my whole Day
Tha S W.
I think about the consequences that will occur after I eat it . It's better to think about healthier things but this method helps me so I'm not sure if it helps everybody, if it does help please do it.
Andrea Y.
I usually just have the craving but no donuts. Sometimes I cheat, not very often and I'll ask my husband to bring them home in the mornings after work.
Sasha E.
I make morning oats which is milk and oats with Pelotas, mango and chia leave it for ten minutes and drizzle a teaspoon of maple syrup!! It's so delicious
Alexis O.
At first it would be difficult to control the cravings , but as you practice you get better at it . Now , when you crave for donuts , think about the negative outcomes it may do to your body like would cause diabetes , heart attack etc or just be engrossed in some important work ,so you forget about donuts ! Keep this practising and you will win at it .
Gata Q.
Craving can be really fraustrating but once you put your mind not to do something, when you really aim at achieving your goals. It's easy to overlook some challenges. For example you want to lose weight because someone laughed at you so badly or embarrassed you because of your weight. You go the extra to control your diet irrespective of the cravings or challenges
Franklino Q.
For summer you can try puting corant and food flavour on the water and freeze it so ti makes sweet ice cubs that are healthier than donuts
Max J.
Hi I'm Dillys and just started this journey and was womdering if you guys have reconmendations of which kind of food you can eat
L Rke P.
I usually use those as treats on a cheat day with all the sugar there is. Most of the time, I go for oatmeal with flax seeds or eggs and toast.
Pamela C.
For me even if I crave them I don't have them at home, so that way I am compelled to eat whatever I have and all I try to keep is healthy stuff that way you encourage yourself to eat healthy
Clara T.
I never do… I can't eat that much at breakfast! Anyways, you either take the risk of falling off the wagon and indulge or you don't and will probably feel unsatisfied for a couple of hours.
Felix C.
When I want sweets I just buy it and eat it it's not good I know no but I do it. I have been a sweet tooth since I was a kid and I know the sugar is not good especially if you are over 30 years old. So I'm I'm replacing white sugar to brown sugar. I'm taking vitamin C more so I will not crave sugar
Leon T.
If you have cravings of things you know are unhealthy, the short term solution is to distract yourself. If it's a craving it's a different mental response than hunger, your brain tries to tell you that you need it, but it's only just bored and needs stimuli. Be sure to have a full stomach: eat healthy stuff and drink water, so you know it's not hunger, and then do something completely different that occupies your brain.

The long term solution is to stop buying them.
If you buy directly donuts ,the only thing that you can do with them is eat them. But if you buy the ingredients, the fact that you would need to make them from scratch may stop the craving

Norberta P.
Eat it, but don’t eat too much of it. You can eat whatever you want but if you eat less of it, it will be better for your health because craving something and never being able to eat it will never help.
Dylan Y.
Normally I would go with my pre-planned breakfast and not stick up on those kinds of foods but if I really wanted it I would not restrict myself 🙂
Enzo N.
I usually appoint it. I designated a day where i could eat a certain amount of snacks that would not throw off all the hard work, so i can always look forward to a reward too
Frida E.
if i crave it then i'll eat it. i eat something healthy with it, or i just add it with healthy ingredients like donuts. next to the donut i eat something health say avocado creme.
Aymeric C.
I try to find a healthy breakfast that is also tasty. Then I try combine it with fruits (grapes are awesome because theey are juicy too) to calm down that sugar craving!
Clarice Z.
This is a difficult question because there's so many types of books you can read. I love science fiction and fantasy, so I recommend The Wrinkle In Time
Renee U.
You eat the donuts or frozen French toast for breakfast because I believe there is nothing wrong with not eating a completely healthy breakfast every day. I would add it toy usual breakfast as a sort of dessert.
Carter O.
Make good habits automated. 1. Prepare your breakfast yourself – what you stock in your home will be all the options 2. Don’t stock these foods, if possible, that way you have no choice if you’re only eating what you make 3. If you’re struggling, make it easier for yourself, don’t try and go from 0 to hero, goals are reached in slowly progressing, incremental steps. All the best of luck to you & remember your struggle is super normal, all the love in the world to you!
Sander A.
I a combination of dr joe dispenza’s and dr Shefali’s meditations. Mostly it’s just focusing on your breath. The main power it adds is that it helps you to get detached from your toughts and do not take them too seriously or thinking that you are just your toughts. It’s a great tool to have for self development. When you start go easy on yourself. You might be only do it for 1 min and that’s ok. It’s like going to the gym and building your muscle. It happens gradually and with consistency. Good luck!
El Onore O.
I would probably tell myself not to do this and do not throw all the hard work to waste. Tell yourself you can do this and eat something healthy for breakfast. Ex: bell peppers with egg or spinach with egg and on the side have some fruits. This is to better yourself.
Curtis E.
I remember all of this craving is just something that will pass. And if I give up, I will regret it a little bit later. So, usually I keep myself busy and the cravings pass by themselves.
Sam J.
Even alarms and wakeup calls or loud music maybe light can't help then you need a change in mind I think. How much do you wanna have a healthier body? If you want it enough then it will be first thing in yourhead when you hear the alarm. You need to focus on effort to do it not the fact you couldn't do it yet
Brooklyn P.
If I am really craving something unhealthy for breakfast, I need to tell myself no. I need to make sure I get something healthy in my stomach before I eat the delicious treat. Maybe here or there I might have a cheat day but that’s okay.
Leana F.
I persist! A portion of müsli, topped with plenty of berries, seeds and fruits gives me a beautiful, zingy start to my day. It keeps me fresh and makes me forget all about the cravings for anything sugary.
Brandie U.
Firstly I think about what long term effect do unhealthy foods have on my body and secondly I look around for something better to substitute my craving with
Don X.
I am not the one who makes me breakfast so it's my mother choice for what I am going to eat, but to be real I think I would eat them if I can
Amaury W.
I really don’t crave those kind of food for breakfast. I really like starting the day clean, and drink 1/2-1 bottle of water before I eat!
Oscar P.
I have a sweet yet healthy breakfast like chocolate protein candy bar orchocolate cereal or even a mild sweetened milk or even oatmeal
Friedlinde R.
I delay my cravings to tomorrow or after I do workout. And after a while I realise myself not thinking about those sweet stuff
Gerv Sio P.
Well most of the time I go there and grab one which shows I'm not the best dealing with food cravings. But, When I'm in the zone, I simply eat a healthier alternative right away and distract myself by working or doing something it helps me most of the time.
Sharlene J.
Think about the nutrition and all the bad stuff from what you really crave. Now decide wether this will make you closer or farther away from your goal.
Sharon Q.
I will go for something that tastes similar enough to satisfy me and if I couldn't resident, I will grab only a bite of those unhealthy snacks as I can get rid of that craving while reduce the damage by the low amount of snack
Pl Cido C.
I am honestly not a breakfast morning person type. I don’t wake up in mornings unless it’s for school. Even then for school when I wake up I don’t eat breakfast. Which I know is bad I just don’t do it cuz I’m normally not hungry until a little bit before lunch time. And I don’t even eat a proper lunch. I just fill up on snacks throughout the day. The real meal I eat throughout the day is dinner.
Edwin O.
I say to myself that I get to eat them for lunch and grab fruit instead. I definitely prefer the taste and just that ffuit feel ya know? That always helps, healthy alternatives that you like
Lilou I.
Some times I ask my dad to go get them at the store, or some times they're already in the fridge.
Usually though I just ignore the craving and eat wathever there is.
Some times, if what I was craving isn't there, I just skip breakfast all together.
Wich I known isn't healthy, but that's why I started this app.