What is your favorite breakfast that leaves you feeling energized?

Erica O.
It depends how hungry I am when I get up. If I wake up hungry, I make 2 bits of wholemeal toast and a hard boiled egg. If I wake up feeling like I can take on the world with no food, I will grab an apple and a handful of nuts
Vernica N.
i usually eat cereals or something healthy that my mom makes for the entire family ,sometimes i just go with fruits if i don’t feel like eating too much . Besides eating , i love to drink coffee in the morning it just wakes me up and helps me start a productive day . Drink water often 🙂
Suhaida U.
My favourite breakfast is wholemeal bread, fried egg, lettuce with chicken slice. If I'm feeling like not eating healthy that day, my favourite will always be Nasi Lemak!!! Yummm yummmm
Bradley G.
i like breakfasts filled with yogurt, granola, berries, and some peanut butter. i like the variety and the different elements it brings to the table
Zara N.
First thing in the morning i drink a glass of water,,then a simple breakfast that keep me energised is oatmeal. You can do variety like put fruits or add chia seeds to it.Put A little bit of milk so its much tastier. I also never forget to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep me energized the whole day.
Leon O.
I love to start my day with some water, that helps boost my energy, after I’m done working out my breakfast consists of a medium bowl of oats with my favorite toppings such as bananas,blueberries,peanut butter and a little honey. Along with some coffee
Adamastor Z.
my favorite is: Boiled eggs, fruit salad, vegetable salad, nuts, green tea, homemade biscuits, avocado toast, cheese and absolutely water.