What is your fastest breakfast routine?

Gloria P.
I hard boil two eggs the night before so when I wake up in the morning I only have to heat them. Then I grab some fruit or I make myself a toast with nut butter.

Guy Z.
Have something prepared from the night before or at least have everything laid out. Porridge is super quick, 3 min in the microwave.

Evie N.
When I’m feeling motivated a smoothie is good to make although, that can make slot of mess for me personally!! I like to make scrambled eggs as they fill me up and are quick and easy to make

Orlani Z.
Always having a prepared jar of home made müsli (rolled oats, cut up dried fruits, nuts and seeds of your choice) – pour it up in a bowl, pour in milk or substitute of your choice (like almond- or oat-drink), eat.

Delvena Z.
For breakfast I have a cup of water about 20-30 minutes before I actually eat or put anything in my stomach. Since I’m fasting iv em decided that drinking smoothies in the morning is the best choice for right now.

Riddhi O.
Making oatmeal or protien pancakes but I think you can plan your breakfast according to your diet and plan it a day before.

C Lio Y.
If making a night before is answering – chia seeds with some kind of milk in a jar. At the morning to cut a fruit or anything else to put on top. And it's ready to take with you to work! (or to Zoom those days ((; …)

Nio S.
Start the kettle and thr toaster oven first. Make sure the kettle is full. Throw in a couple pieces of toast then start the eggs. Eggs are usually scrambled or over easy. Once the eggs are done take out and butter toast. By this point the kettle is boiled and make your tea/ coffee. Grab a banana and there's breakfast, t minus 10 mins

Bryan T.
My fastest breakfast routine is healthy, but simple. When I need to go out the door quickly this is what I do: put cornflakes in a bowl (unsweetend) and then some nice healty soy milk with blueberries, banana, and strawberries.