What can I eat if I don’t like too much food in the morning?

Lucínio Da rosa
Make a breakfast smoothie by blending some fruit (half banana and some berries or a kiwi), spinach and (plant)milk. Add a few (unsalted) nuts or some oats to make you feel full longer without adding too much volume to the smoothie. use frozen fruits to make it taste light and fresh

Vernon Martinez
Studies show that high sugar foods in the morning re not the best. Try to stick to high nutrient protein rich foods with some healthy fats specially omega 3.

Lillian Cruz
A small meal to start with is a handfull of mixed nuts and seeds. Or something with fats and protein. It will keep your bloodsugar levels stabelized for longer. And you don't experience the sugar crash 30min. after the meal.

Pauline Reid
There are times that I do not have an appetite. Drinking water has been helpful. Sometimes a banana, granola bar or a yogurt parfait helps me to have some breakfast.

Vivan Hughes
Lately, there are mornings where, after I wake up, I feel nauseous and don't feel like eating much of anything. I find a simple bowl of greek yoghurt with berries and a bit of honey wakes me up, keeps me full until my noon lunch break, and I feel a bit more energized after I eat. Sometimes I grab a banana or an apple before i leave the house. Energy bars are a great selection too, if you're on the go.

Apolinário Carvalho
If you aren't hungry in the morning or just prefer to eat sth small/light you should try making smoothies (there are plenty of recipes)

Josefa Aragão
Sometimes I just want a piece of toast and some coffee, or a few apple slices for breakfast. Doesn’t always take much to fill me up!

Lance Thomas
Google. Small breakfast or light breakfast. Banana with PB, avocado toast, A hard boiled eggand a piece of fruit, small bowl of oatmeal or other bit cereal, half portion of cereal and milk, leftovers fr the day before, really whatever you want. The goals are for you to create the routine you want and are happy with. Don't feel an external pressure to do it "right".

Jacob Petersen
I have been eating a small yogurt with fruit in it. . I also am not always very hungry, especially for healthy food in the mornings. But if I start off with a little something healthy, then I'm more inclined to continue that way throughout the day

Stella Butler
Nuts, a banana or an apple — something that will fill you up a little and give you energy rather than give you a sugar rush.

Pavel Nürnberger
I don't like to eat a lot a breakfast. I have a few recommendations. Days I'm really short for time I grab a premiere vanilla protein shake….individual servings. They come in a variety of flavors. They have 30gms of protein, 1gram of sugar. I've done a lot of research on quality ingredients in a protein shake I can just grab from the fridge. I usually keep 1-2 in freezer if it's an early morning and have it a little later after it is thoroughly defrosted.

Another go to is raisin bran withe some pre-ground flaxseed and chia seed sprinkled on top. I like to put a bit of fruit on it….any kind on hand, milk or some protein shake.

Another go to is a piece of multi grain bread toasted topped with peanut butter. I also try to eat some fruit…whatever is on hand….bananas pair great as does an apple.

My last suggestion is 2tbs of nut butter of choice and sliced apple to dip into the nut butter. I use an apple slicer. They are not real expensive.

Oh another suggestion is some hummus with some pre- sliced veggies. I like bell peppers, celery (high in fiber) and carrots (baby).

Hope these suggestions help.

One last one….I always try to have frozen blueberries on hand. They pair well with yogurt (I prefer nonfat plain Greek and lowfat vanilla yogurt). If I want some more texture and fiber i add a bit of whole grain cereal (raisin bran or whatever you prefer) and some of my pre-ground flaxseed and chia sead mix. I combine ingredients until fully incorporated. I also eat this for dinner.

The premier protein shakes I order from Amazon…..they come in 12pack boxes. I also get my pre-ground flaxseed and chia seed (vanilla maple flavor…delicious) there.

Margaux Guillot
Something light but full of nutrients. Keep the portions small, but get good food in there in the morning so you can power through your day!

Vincent Bennett
Toast, some yogurt, a parfait, a protein shake, a smoothie, a piece of fruit, a granola bar, or a protein bar are some that I can name off the top of my head.

Aiden Scott
A really great but light breakfast would be a nice simple egg on toast. A beautiful golden brown piece of toast with a sunny side egg with some salt and pepper sprinkled on top. Or even a scrambled egg with a piece of cheese to add a little weight. And some milk or juice is always my go to on days I don’t feel like eating much in the mornings.

Julien Hubert
Maybe a plate of yoghurt and cereal with oatmeal and a glass of fruit juice. That way you cover the protein and the carbs you need for energy.

Landon Morris
I normally eat an egg sandwich (boiled egg). It's not very filling. Or you could have a smaller portion of porridge. Another idea would be a sliced banana with peanut butter

Luke Lane
Try a banana, it's not a lot and it's realy nutritious! Also, try hard boiled or poached eggs, they got me in to the habit of eating in the morning, and on the plus side, you can cook them the night before.

Alfonso Senger
I think to eat small amount of things rich in protein. For example, one hard boiled egg or a slice of smoked salmon. That way you don’t have to eat too much food but your getting the energy you need

Raymond Heinisch
Even just a healthy, protein rich granola bar can be a good way to jumpstart your day. Or maybe try making smoothies! Endless combinations

Tilde Olsen
Definitely oats has helped me out in this regard. It's light but healthy and it can be mixed up with multiple of fruits. I also like having granola flakes or ifi don't fancy taking sugar. A simple toast and 1egg

Alicia Jordan
Good breakfast options include a few boiled eggs, fruit such as an apple or bananas, granola or nuts, and smoothies. Good luck in your journey!!

Nolan Stewart
I'm no expert but I think if you were to eat a single boiled egg, or small cup of yougurt with berries, even if you just had a morning shake

Ifigênia Castro
I don't like eating too much in the morning either. I'll usually start with just some coffee and a banana. When I start small, I will either be satisfied or I will realize I need a bit more and I will progress to a low-sugar cereal with almond milk.

Evelyni Silveira
Sometimes I find a drink, like Ovaltine, can be easier to swallow on those mornings where I really don’t feel up to eating much.

Anna Durand
When it comes to eating, quality is always more important than quantity. Choosing healthy foods and snacks in small amounts throughout the day will give you the proper nutrition your body needs.
For breakfast you might choose a delicious green smoothie, a slice of whole grain toast with natural PB, a healthy muffin and a glass of milk, or an egg and a piece of fruit. Try to pair a carbohydrate (fruit or grain) with a protein (egg, dairy, cheese, or nuts), but don’t skip meals. It’s the fuel you need to keep going throughout the day.

Carlos Ross
If you aren't feeling hungry in the morning, you can eat just a sliced up Apple to get some natural sugars in you. Stay Fabulous.

Gabe Hopkins
Nuts and fruit. You don’t need to eat a lot and they feel lighter than many other breakfast foods. Fruit is also refreshing so you will feel a lot of benefit from eating it.

Warren Ward
Try making smoothies full of greens and berries and avocado.

You could also try sauteing a vegetable or two, like broccoli rabe and shallots, and making a single scrambled egg.

Calvin Carter
Lucky you! You have the dream of dieters everywhere – the opportunity to eat a small, calorically dense food. Choose anything you like that's loaded with calories and energy you need, while minimizing size. There are millions of options that fit these requirements. Don't even worry about eating "healthy." That generally means "not calorie dense", in other words "large volume, few calories". Instead enjoy that cheesecake, brownie or donuts and the feeling of sucking down hundreds of calories in just a couple bites. More savory options might be bacon, ribeye steak or fried chicken. The world's your oyster!