What are other options for breakfast other than smoked turkey or eggs?

Mátio Nunes
Oatmeal with fresh fruit and I make sure that I'm mashed up banana in it sometimes I use the dry peanut butter I use the honey but I use old fashioned oats I also get Jimmy Dean's 360 calorie it has egg white cheese and sausage

Friedhelm Eisele
Any type of yoghurt with musli or fresh fruit, or toast or any type of porridge/oatmeal again with fresh and/or dried fruit…

Marie Lawson
Beef sausage. I don’t eat pork or seafood… I think beef sausage is the most common for good health for a breakfast food that isn’t sweet.

Alfred Klöckner
I usually eat musli with a chopped banana/apple/strawberry (depends on what I have) and milk. It gives the boosting that you need in the morning 🙂

Saskia Kümmel
I like to have in the morning granola mixed with raw nuts, and have it with almond or oats milk.. its fullfilling and full with nutrition

Theresa Pütz
Portion control has always been a huge focus for me lol my eyes are always bigger than what I actually need. So I get Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast meals. There’s a big variety and it fills me up with out me going over board.

Ortwin Geis
Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, Smoothies, Juices there are a million breakfast options other than turkey bacon or eggs. My go to is almost always coffee and oatmeal or cereal.

Ludmila Tillmann
Oatmeal with nuts and fruit, sweet potato with maple syrup, nuts and cinnamon , bean spinach and cheese tacos, apples with peanut butter, whole grain toast with cashew cheese. I’m vegan so this is what I eat.

Valerie Barnett
In the past I’ve had tilapia for my clean protein.

A good quality protein powder mixed with oatmeal is another clean protein.

A morning smoothie made with water, oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, and protein powder is a quick all in one breakfast.


Mia Ray
I make sous vide eggs in mason jars. They are quick to grab in the morning and can be packed with flavor and veggies. Otherwise I make a peanut butter protein shake and add chia seeds to keep me feeling full all morning.

Rainer Heimann
You can eat anything for breakfast. The point is that you are breaking your fast. Have leftovers if you want. It does have to be traditional breakfast food. Make a sandwich or wrap. Have fruit or vegetables. Make a smoothie. If looking for other healthy hot breakfast food options try oatmeal, quinoa, cereal or cream of wheat.

Almut Hensel
sometimes i w joy abacado toast of homemade whole wheat bread with a fried egg on top sprinkled with salt and pepper. also with a class of orange juice

Senol Schlüter
What are the other option, i love creating menu for my food. So i prepares fried rice, and fried fish with tomatos and onion for dressing and boiled banana and hot choco and water

Hans-martin Schnitzer

Kristina Day
Sometimes I like to have some overnight oatmeal mixed with chia seeds and bananas. The protein that chia seeds contains prepares m for a long busy day..

Courtney Duncan
Focus on foods that are high in protein to help your energy last longer; fresh fruits & veggies are always good to add in also. Some good, healthy options are oatmeal, avocado toast with red pepper flakes, peanut butter toast, Greek yogurt with fruit and/or granola, smoothies.

Emily Hale
Oatmeal with fresh fruit, apple bites/ slices, strawberries, or bananas & pure honey. Smoothies fresh fruit, almond milk or coconut water, peanut butter & a few ice cubes.

Marissol Da luz
I personally prefer a sweeter breakfast. I know this sounds kinda strange but believe me it s extremely delicious!
First you buy some whole wheat bread, you can heat it up in the toaster if you prefer.
Then get some peanut butter, prefer to go for an all peanuts peanut butter since it is a whole lot healthier. Put about a 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of the butter onto the bread.
And the the special ingrediente! Slice up 2-3 stwberries or more into slices. The all u need to do is ou the slices on top of the bread and there you go. It is unbelievable how delicious something do simple to do actually is!

Yann Faure
I usually make a sausage & egg breakfast bowl, but sometimes I want something easy like a bowl of cereal or some fruit. It just depends on the day and what’s going on. My children love fruit so we always have it around.

Julia Lopez
If you are in a hurry, you may have an apple and a banana. Taking a handful of almonds is always healthy too. Try to avoid foods like pancakes.

Kim Lee
Banana peanut butter sandwich. Tofu kimchi rice wrapped in seaweed. Cereal and soy milk. Oatmeal with soy milk. Tofu scramble. Mandarins. Fruits.

Nikolaj Thomsen
Protein shakes. Add a handful of spinach, a banana, protein powder with vitamins and some chocolate (if not already chocolate). Super yummy and healthy!

Kaïs Robin
How about healthy high protein and no added sugar pancakes? I found a recipe with oatmeal and a banana. They are really good.

Addison Watts
Porridge with raisins yogurt with fruit and granola or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach are my go to breakfasts

Freja Olsen
I do oatmeal and then some kind of a breakfast meat. You can always change the way you cook your eggs. Also maybe get some fruit in there an, apple ,banana. Also maybe stay away from the coffeealso maybe stay away from the coffee it’s not good for you.

Marius Møller
How about nuts, toast and peanut butter or even better is almond butter. Whole grain oatmeal with banana is also a good choice. I’m vegetarian so no Turkey or salmon for me 🙂

Kiara Carpentier
Smoked salmon on toast with capers and a schmear of cream cheese
Breakfast smoothie made with chia seeds
Tofu scramble with peppers, onions, and a sprinkle of cheese
Overnight oats with a handful of almonds

Emma Christensen
I’d recommend you a simple toast with juice/tea…Or, if you want a more quick meal, just have some yogurt with fruits (And other things if you want) with something like bread and jelly.Trust me, it’s good.

Karla Johansen
I prefer porridge topped fruit, nuts, seeds or sometimes honey or a few chocolate chips if I want a treat. I can keep it varied plus it’s a hot breakfast that’s keeps me full

William Ryan
I start my day eating oats with milk a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of peanutbutter. I don't need coffee now! Breakfast gives me all the energy I need to start my day

Carolyn Carlson
I’ve been eating mashed avocado on toast with a scrambled egg in the side. I also like a tablespoon of natural peanut butter with a banana and a glass of milk or serving of Greek yogurt.

Jane Kelly
Yogurt, cheese sticks, boiled egg, nuts, granola, oats, chai tea with creame, avocado, whole grain toast, turkey bacon, turkeysmoked salmon, banana, apple, power pancakes, almond milk, non sugary breakfast drinks, rice cakes.

Stella Gaillard
I’m trying banana with cereals without sugar, only honey. As in Brazil we let the proteins more for the lunch time, I’m trying to introduce only fiber and fruit in the breakfast, so avocado is a great option too or other fruits with granola.

Acira Gomes
For a while I have started the day with a protein smoothie with red fruits bananas and some greens as well and my day goes by with tons of energy, I feel full and satisfied.

Timmothy Walters
Whole milk plain yogurt with berries, breakfast burritos can be made ahead and frozen. Cheese sticks are great for those mornings when you’re in a huge rush.

Holly Dunn
Try one of those (oatmeal, fruit or vegetable salad , (toast -cheese-olive), granola , banana smoothie )you can find a lot of recipes online. Wish you a good luck

Sergio Douglas
Protein shakes are good. My favorite is a single egg with some
Black beans. I make a big portion of black beans, onions, and garlic, and it lasts me for 1-2 weeks.

Sélène Jean
Chia seeds left overnight in almond milk, top up with a couple of nuts and coconut!

Overnight oats with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Half avocado with virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Brad Allen
For breakfast I like to make homemade oatmeal ahead of time so in the morning I can simply microwave it with a little water and add blueberries or something. I also really like nonfat Greek yogurt with cinnamon and fruit, and a piece of toast is always good.

Haydée Jesus
Natural yogurt with walnuts and fruits; steamed eggs with some carrots and broccoli; salmon salad; guacamole with rice coockie; porridge with blueberries; all kind of smoothies; oatmeal with strawberry’s; walnuts and banana if you’re in a rush 😁

Gertrude Stutz
I love veggies! Try mixing it up with a breakfast salad. Greens, mixed veggies, chopped hard boiled egg, crumbled bacon and a spiced apple cider vinaigrette! Yummy!
Another option is roasted root veggies, chorizo sausage, cheese and salsa all wrapped in a tortilla. Perfect start to a grand day!

Vital Alves
Porridge for example. I personally love Porridge! Just give it a try. Chocolate Porridge with unsweetened cocoa powder or just a normal one with cinnamon. Use banana as a sweetnerer and honey. I promise, it's delicious 😋

Sylvia Cook
At the moment I am really enjoying skyr (but any yoghurt will do) mixed with chia seeds, flax seeds and whatever fruit I happen to have on hand. Its high in protein and omega 3. I also do the millennial thing and have avo toast with roasted tomatoes quite often

Antonie Gohlke
A bannana sandwich – cut a bannana place it on bread with peanut butter and cover it with other slice of bread . with this one can get a glass or warm milk dip some seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, flaxseeds which are highly rich in protein. so this is also an option for a great breakfast.

Adam Morel
Protein shake with some fruit and nuts. Easy and quick to do. Protein shakes come in different flavors and helps to keep you full.

Miroslav Leber
Microwave 12-15 grams of oatmeal mashed in a mug with a banana and an egg for 1:45 minutes at full power. Serve with honey and cinnamon.

Alex Foster
You want to get as much nutrition as possible in the morning, so oats and fruits to add to what you already have is a good place to start. Get hydrated as soon as you wake up and remember to listen to what your body needs throughout the day.

Annette Young
I sautee a mixture of veggies and top it with eggs then have half an avocado and some bacon. Sometimes to change it up I add steak or sausage.

Harry Franklin
I live Tamago Gohan, a simple Japanese breakfast. Make 1 cup of rice (preferably sticky sushi rice), then while it’s still hot, crack a raw egg over it and mix very quickly with chopsticks. Sprinkle with sesame seed and you can add soy sauce or even a little sesame oil if you want. Very filling and tastes amazing.

Dagmar Rodrigues
I put a whole banana, a spoon of peanut butter, a spoon of honey and soy milk in the blender and mix it! It’s my morning potion to a great start!

Elise Gaillard
Simple options like a banana, a bowl of granola cereal, or yogurt require no prep and still get me going in the morning.

Lisa Guerin
I think my favorite food is eggs but for the variation for my body to charged up I decided to take some fruits like Apple bananas grapes bit carrots tomatoes etc… Oats is also one of it.. then low fat milk is also my favorite option..

Dorit Seidl
If you want to do fancy, Whole brown bread with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomate slice and some baked pinetree nuts. If you want less fancy, simple yoghurt with nuts and raisins or driedfruit is also fine.
If you enjoy a hot meal in the morning, make some extra from your diner the night before and take that as breakfast. Hope this gives you a couple ideas. I normally go for the yoghurt with nuts or simple sandwiches/crackers/biscuit (in dutch beschuit, not 100% of those are the same as your biscuits) with peanutbutter, chicken, cheese (fresh, 30+ cheese that is) or whatever I feel like taking.

Wencke Heiland
Oatmeal is a great breakfast, slow release energy and balances blood sugar making you feel calm and grounded, perfect for before work for me, I add honey to sweeten as I’ve got a particular sweet tooth.

Márlon Vieira
I do not eat meat. I am sometimes eating oatmeal and protein powder. Dark rye break and feta cheese or yogurt and avocado.

Marialda Da paz
Well it depend, I eat what I am given. Sometime it is last night leftover or something brought from the store. On rare occasions homemade breakfast.

Terrance Welch
I eat anything I feel like for breakfast. This morning was leftover taco meat, riced cauliflower, diced bell pepper, avocado and salsa. Other mornings I have chicken with broccoli and rice and bone broth. And sometimes I even eat eggs… with salsa and veggies.

Santiago Moraes
Oatmeal porridge. What I use for it:
350 gram/ ml milk
56 gram oat
3 pieces of dark chocolate (or some cacoa)
1 banana
Lil bit of ciaseed
Lil bit of linseed

You just keep stirring while it is on the stove, and take it off when you think it has thinkened enough

Théo Lemoine
I would eat 1/2 c. Of old fashion oats with an apple chopped, cinnamon, 1/4 c. If almond milk and 1 tsp. Of brown sugar.
Or a fabulous shake with fruits, avocado and hemp protein powder

Dorle Joos
Breakfast burritos, toast with avocado, fresh fruit, and smoothies with protein powder are some of my favorite breakfast eats.

Landon Henderson
Protein shakes are great, especially if you’re always on the go. A small serving of fruit + Greek yogurt is a good choice is well.

Kayla Mccoy
Sugar free Wheat toast with avocado and diced tomatoes and a hard boiled eggs.

NutriBullet for a quick on the
Go breakfast also.