Is there any other morning drink that gives you the same amount of MENTAL energy as coffee does? I simply don’t seem to function properly without a cup of coffee in the morning… I get so dizzy!

Julia T.
It's fake mental energy. If you slowly wean yourself off caffeine, you will think much more clearly. Do it slowly or you will get withdrawal headaches. I drink chicory as a coffee substitute. There are also plenty of fruit and herbal teas to choose from.
Stacy P.
You may try tea or hot chocolate as well , But remember a drink is not able to give you sufficient mental energy.
Try eating a full & great break fast plus a cup of hot coffee 🙂
Randy J.
This may mean you're addicted to coffee. Try eliminating coffee altogether to see if you notice a difference. If you're not ready for that, drink coffee without any sugar. That's what I do, but I never have coffee early in the morning.
Raymond C.
Yes there is , for me I drink tea he gives me the energy to exactly in the morning
And you can try orange juice is a good drink in the morning
Kelya Y.
Tea is probably the best substitute for you! Start black, then gradually move to teas with less caffeine. This will help you get rid of your caffeine dependence! Eventually, you'll be able to drink whatever you want without redeveloping a mild addiction to the caffeine (think of the dizziness as a minor withdrawal symptom). The best way to prepare for any day (difficult or easy!) is by resting assured that you are fully able to deal with that day, because you are!
Danny Z.
OMG, totally! That's such a great question. I've been drinking Teami Tea for years and every time I drink it I get alert, clear, happy, and full of energy. And best of all I don't need any caffeine With it's associated pick-me-ups and inevitable crashes. Remember to drink it first thing in the morning so you can sleep at night because it will give you energy and get rid of the slump. I do have a discount code if you want to use it. The discount code is Meeta and you can use it as many times as you want and share with anyone and they will also get a nice discount too! 🙂 go to and use the discount code Meeta at checkout; order the Skinny Tea or the detox package (its not just for healthy weight even though it will help you maintian that too)

Hope this helps and you say goodbye to coffee as a dependent and only drink it now like I do…onlh when I choose to for taste!! 😀

M Lissa E.
Tea! Hot tea! I love hot tea. Doesn’t have the same amount of caffeine. But it’s prob best that you take a break from caffeine for a month or so if your body is THAT dependent on it. Caffeine isn’t the best for you. It might not be fun, or easy but it’ll be worth it ! Also, cardio/exercise in the morning always gives me that mental and physical energy that caffeine would. Sounds crazy, but trust me. Also, maybe eat a healthy breakfast! That will get things started!
Freja F.
For me it's usually my bowl of oatmeal porridge and Shea seed and even that I usually just workout in the morning to kickstart everything
Bertold O.
Hi! I’m trying to cut down coffee too! So far a healthier alternative I’ve tried and works would be any fruite juice with lime in it because the sourness just wakes me up. Hope this helps!
Camila U.
Coffee is a psychological mental energy. While there are some physiological effects they dont amount to energy they amount to adrenaline. This means that the mental energy you felt was actually because you enjoy the drink not because of its chemical
properties. Any pleasant tasting tea or coffee decaf or fruit juice you enjoy would give you the same pleasure and "boost" psychologicaly. Why not switch it out with something which boosts the immune system and hydrates you like lemon and ginger tea with honey.
Marie Z.
Weaning myself off of caffeine is difficult. But reducing caffeine a little bit at a time until I am only drinking hot herbal teas makes me feel so much better!
Nicky Z.
It will sound strange maybe, but I feel much better without coffee. 1st week is horrible, but then – I have no problem to fall asleep, I wake up much easier, and have more energy throughout the day. The only problem – I like coffee. So I have coffee – no coffee periods 😊
Dave P.
Luke warm water with half a lemon freshly squeezed into it and green tea with honey or matcha tea. Drink on an empty stomach right after you wake up.
Miriam P.
This might sound a little crazy but from time to time, I drink something really sour to wake up. Like a cup of lemonade with no sugar!
Marsha B.
I have never been a coffee lover, but I get what you mean cause most of my friends were like this, for me and them now a smoothie that is fresh and cold makes us feel much better and a bit more alive than what a cup of coffee does, like a friend of mine said "Coffee made a zombie out of me, juices and smoothies made a human out of me"
Isabella S.
I like to drink MUD/WTR, which is an organic blend of various mushrooms, cinnamon, turmeric, and COCOA. A cup of it has 17mg of caffeine (compared to ~95mg in a regular cup of coffee), mostly from cocoa. So it clears my mind without any jitters of coffee. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not the most delicious beverage and takes some getting used to. But given it clears my mind so good, I’m okay with the taste.
Mesaque F.
There are a couple of tea alternatives such as Macha or Yerba Mate. Especially the latter one will give you a serious energy boost.
Guarana is another plant alternative that could be found in store-bought smoothies, or blended at home, which will also produce energy and clarity.
The question lies more in whether you want to swap out coffee or caffeine, these require different alternatives.
Emmy Z.
I like to drink a large glass of water right when I wake up. I feel like it helps wake my body and mind up. If I'm craving something warm, I go for a ginger tea or a matcha green tea (it has more sustained caffine than coffee!)
Lana T.
Most energy drinks aren’t worth the crash, but MATI organic energy drinks are fantastic. No crash but enough of a boost that it jumpstarts a morning.
Rosa C.
Coffee doesn’t effect me…so old what you think you know about me. Also, sounds like you may have an issue…
🙄 see a doctor not a nobody
Tristan S.
I drink tea, I found that I actually got withdrawls symptoms when I didnt drink coffee for a day(headache, dizziness, etc.), so I forced myself to drink tea instead with low caffeine. I think it puts me in a lot better place because I no longer get the energy crash.
Cl A Z.
Definitely! I take Pure Therapeutic Ketones daily. It keeps me alert, focused and energized everyday. And! I experience body fat loss with it
Ricky Z.
I have high blood pressure so coffee doesn't work for me. Instead I drink Yerba Mate. It has alot of the benefits of coffee without the symptoms your describing.
Bertram W.
Yes there is! Though I still have my coffee in the morning, one of the best options is to make yourself a vegetable juice with maybe one fruit like an apple or banaba! Most of your daily intake of vegetables will be in that juice and your body will be full of energy
Evan O.
Yes there are other options besides coffee, that give you energy. A big one is water. Having a cold glass of water in the morning should wake you up and dehydrate you due to the water you lost while sleeping. Other drinks could be teas, natural juices, or milk.
Jessika F.
I think the best amount you can get from a drink is absolutely the coffee ,but I don’t drink it and only get enough by drinking water.
Astrid C.
Try Lemonade. It helps me, wonder if it would work for you… Keep sipping lemonade while working and it will keep your mind active.
Mat O S.
Only caffeinated beverages help me mentally focus. I add a drink mix packet to a bottle of water. It's a Walmart brand grap flavored drink that gives me a little pickup first thing. Or COFFEE!
Minnie Z.
I make cucumber lemon water the night before. When i wake up I drink that instead of coffee. I've since stopped drinking coffee all together. I still have tea but not until I get to work. I've notice a difference in my energy by drinking cucumber water.
Marie T.
Right, there are ton but a very good one i can remember is lemon and water, not only does it help the mental energy, it also help detoxify and immune the organs of the body.
Gertrud G.
I have never drunken coffee, so cannot really answer. However, tea, especially some black teas, are high in cafeïne.
I get my energy from wanting to do things every day.
Frederik N.
Cut the caffeine! I drink caffeine free drinks only, like herbal teas. It will keep you sharp between the ears without the withdrawal symptoms for caffeine
Isabella W.
Water with apple cider vinegar is bound to zing you awake. Or Citrus with water. Normally I have one of those two with a green tea. I also wake up and do a round of sun salutations. Getting your body used to waking up without coffee is hard though and takes time. Don't beat yourself up and take your time.!
Nanna C.
Turmeric latte by Pukka, or ginseng tea. Make sure to stay well hydrated with water. fruit also helps to elivate energy levels, so try incorporating fruit with your breakfast
Yolanda B.
I have been a coffee drinker since high school and I quit drinking coffee in college for about half a year (went back to coffee because I started working but that's a different story). What helped me in the beginning, as I was clearly addicted and experienced head aches and dizziness when I tried to go cold turkey, was weaning off it slowly. Reducing my caffeine intake instead of taking it out completely helped immensely with the withdrawal effects. I think I managed to be coffee free in about 3 weeks. Also, you might want to check your blood pressure before drinking coffee in the morning. It might be that your blood pressure is naturally low and that might cause the dizziness. Talk to your doctor to see how best to get off coffee if that is the case.
Lucas Z.
High quality green tea. Some of them can be quite strong. You don't necessarily need to rely on any beverage, though. Our bodies are highly adaptive. Exercise first thing in the morning works wonders.
Caitlin B.
That’s because you are addicted to caffeine. It can happens. Try to reduce its consume and even stop it for a while. When I stopped consuming sugar I was all day with headache but it doesn’t last forever
Tiago S.
I take lemon tea with ginger and it is just what you tell your mind. Think of it as a brainwash- if you tell yourself that a tea is just as good if not better, you will start liking it.
I mix ginger, honey and lemon and drink it with warm water. Ginger is known for improving your mood, immunity and the lemon is good for cleansing. Watch your skin improve, weight reduce and digestion improve. It’s all about small changes.
Hubertine J.
I've found that tea, orange juice, and breakfast smoothie all give me mental energy in the morning. The biggest challenge is breaking the coffee addiction before you can expect to see any positive changes. Changing to a caffeinated tea might be a good bridge to no caffeine, but the journey will be tough. You just have to push through for a few weeks and see what happens.
Taciana G.
The energy you are feeling could be from the caffeine in the coffee, or if you put sugar in your coffee that can give you a bit of a lift too. If you want to stop drinking coffee you can switch to a less caffeinated drink like tea (most still have caffeine, so you’ll want to watch the level) It is also possible that if you can wean yourself off from coffee that you will eventually stop feeling Caffeine withdrawal and not need coffee in order to keep from being dizzy. As with anything taper off coffee ans if you still feel dizzy or sick, go to the doctor an get checked out. Good luck.
Wyatt C.
Did you know normal tea has more amount of caffeine than coffee? Or actually I drink a cup of mixed herbal tea which my body need, for example recently weather is going to be colder, so i used mints family herbs that's make my body more stronger for cold viruses.
Deborah Q.
I did get that mushroom drink, mudwater. I felt good after I drank it and with a fancy creamer, it tasted pretty decent. They have the non-dairy creamer, so maybe that's an option? I also have really enjoyed rose hip tea and peppermint tea, or once a morning black tea with a buffalo on it – made me feel strong. But I do really love coffee 🙂
Charles Z.
Ensures are great to use. Each delicious Ensure drink is an excellent source of 26 essential vitamins and minerals. The complete, balanced nutrition you get from Ensure can help you stay healthy, active, and energetic. Drinking Ensure daily is a habit that could help you feel better.
Lea N.
Sleep. Give yourself an 8 hour sleep opportunity. The chemicals in your brain readjust to the absence of caffeine and you wake up far more rejuvenated than any other method. Train your habits before bed for a better night's sleep.
Lilo F.
I love Yerba mate tea as an alternative to coffee — it’s energizing both physically and mentally without the jittery feeling of coffee.
Darciana O.
I feel energized also with a cup of tea (there is caffeine inside as well) or ginseng! I think they are valuable substitutes!
Sofie Z.
I don't drink coffee at all, so idy say that drinking water is enough, you just have to get rid of your habit of having a cup of coffee in the morning, if I remember, coffee in the morning is not that effective since your body is producing hortmones that get you to be awake. try and take your coffee later one the day, if you really want it, but start with some water.
Nikolaj C.
I was a daily coffee drinker, and felt like I needed it. I am on my last day of a month with no caffeine, and the best way to get mental energy is to limit caffeine as much as possible. I feel like I have more energy than ever before, and feel more alert than ever. Some mornings I naturally wake up before my alarm, ready to go, which has never happened in my entire life.
Leda I.
I have an issue with coffee too. What I replaced it with is 1 – 8 oz. glass of hot water , 1/2 of a lemon, and 1 -2 Tbsp. if hiney. The lemon & honey give you the energy boost you need to go throughout the day, and the hot water allows the honey & lemon to dissolve properly when stirred and all without further drinking more coffee during the day. Also, it doesn't give me a mid-morning crash. It may take a couple of days for your body to make an adjustment, but it will happen. Now, I don't need anymore energy drinks or coffee to make it through the day. It's a great alternative to drinking coffee all through the day.
Freya Z.
That's because you've developed a dependancy on caffeine, so you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Water is as good as any
Isabella N.
I am not a coffe drinker myself, so I am not sure hoe to help with this one. I usually start my day with water and/or milk
Adam A.
I am on the hunt for an alternative too.. although I am finding drinking the water first thing in the morning is prolonging, almost making me forget about the coffee, (not quite there yet 🙂 ) perhaps the water and an English breakfast tea instead 🙂
Talo Q.
I've also been struggling with this, i can't seem to go two days without coffee😂I try drinking water in the morning but i've read that lemon water does the trick too😃
Lohan T.
Pepperment tea is one option to feel revitalized. Also green tea and a smoothie made with fruit and nut based milk like almond milk.
Xiomara C.
Try a Peppermint tea! They say it is one of the most energetic drinks that have almost no influence on your figure and nerves
Sixto C.
WATER! It’s the simple answer yet the best answer. Make sure you’re drinking enough or it won’t work. I used to only drink water, nothing else. If it becomes a habit you’re body will adjust and believe water will be enough to refresh you in the morning. Only recently did I switch to occasionally drinking a cup of black coffee in the morning to give a kick for workouts. Hope that helps! (Ps. You could also try intermittent fasting which has been proven in studies to help boost morning clarity of mind! Just another suggestion to look into.) You got this!
Elias Z.
There are plenty of days I go without coffee. I sometimes will do iced or hot tea or an Arbonne fizz stick. I like the taste of coffee, but I generally keep my intake to only 1 cup unless it’s the weekend.
Terrance J.
I suggest trying tea! Some dark teas are pretty caffeinated and are a good alternative to coffee! Orange juice is also a good energy source in the morning, but it is quite sweet for a morning drink in my opinion.
Alberta O.
I like getting a matcha latte with whole milk. The green tea does wonders for the body and mind and the whole milk keeps you satiated for some time. Be sure to have it sweet, it’s definitely an acquired taste. Try it!
Ken B.
-Tea has caffeine, but it doesn't kick in as quickly.
-Water doesn't give the immediate kick, but it is better in the long run.
-Hot water with honey is my favorite to wake up with a meal.
Frederik C.
Hola! No escribo en inglés , aún que lo entiendo un poco. Realmente el agua no ha sido un impulso de energía en sí, más bien ha sido un ejemplo de que es posible crear una disciplina saludable , si me dispongo a ello . Increíble te de manera automática lo hago , y el impulso que me da ( aparte de los beneficios de tomar agua en ayuno ) es ver la posibilidad de lograr otros hábitos a mi vida 🙂 . Luego el café o en su defecto el té de jengibre terminan de hacerme despertar 🙂
Andreas B.
Well I drink milk. It gives me so much energy and help me to feel better… I'm kind of allergic to coffee so I don't drink it … So u can try to replace coffee with white milk or fresh fruit juice
Arlinda P.
Well water can definitely help but if you feel tired in the morning some people like energy drinks to get them prepared for the day. If the dizziness getts really bad don't feel shy to talk to your doctor 🙂
Peyton Z.
Coffee is just a stimulant and the energy you feel is temporary and way too high for a short amount of time. You probably will need another coffee in a couple of hours if your body get used to the caffeine. Vitamin C and a bowl of porridge with oats will give you the right energy for a long time to stay focused. Cow milk is also a thing to avoid since it can make you feel sleepy.
Lee O.
I honestly don’t like coffee. I use to drink a lot of dr. Pepper growing up, so that’s how I got my caffeine ever, but once I stopped drinking that all I drank was water and the occasional Powerade/Gatorade.
At the moment, I drink preworkout which has A TON of caffeine in it, but I would suggest getting something that doesn’t have any beta-alanine in it because it makes some people get jitters. Other than that, though, I try to just drink water and nothing else
Levi E.
I like to switch out coffee for tea once in a while. Black teas like English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, etc have about the same amount of caffeine as coffee without the acidity. They're tasty with a splash of milk or cream too 🙂 There are tons of different caffeinated teas out there to explore!