What are some healthy, easy, quick breakfast options that can be prepared ahead of time to save time in the morning?

Leo E.
I prepare my meals in the morning. I have two go-to breakfast meals: a muesli and bread, depending on if I feel like eating sweet or salty. For the muesli, I take Oats, some nuts and seeds, rice milk and a fiew slices of banana, apple or deepfrozen berries. The rice milk is slightly sweet, and an excelent substitution for regular milk. For bread, i take about 3 slices of bread with seeds, or rye bread, and put some diet philadelphia or ricotta on it, maybe with a pinch of salt, or some slices of turkey or on sundays smoked salmon. Preparing and eating takes me between 15-45 minutes, depending on if I have a lot to do for the day or not. Taking the time to prepare healthy food, and eating it while chewing properly is essential, only well chewed seeds can be absorbed by the body.

Anny A.
In the morning u can eat any type of eggs because eggs gives u the energy u need in a day and they are nourishing. I hope i helped u 🙂 have a good day ✨

Hailey Z.
Oats, easy and quick to make. Breakfast sandwiches and wraps you can prepare the night before and warm it up the next day. Fruits, you can have it as it is or mix it with your oats and cereal.

Phyllis E.
Oats is a good breakfast, easy and quick to make. Smoothies, quick breakfast sandwiches or wraps, fruits if you don't get time at all.

Melissa T.
I like to prepare jars of oatmeal with dried berries, apples and nots or seeds in single servings. In the morning all you have to do is add water or milk and pop it in the microwave.