Is it better to eat breakfast before or after brushing your teeth?

Rosela W.
It is best to eat breakfast after brushing teeth or else you will swallow your food with the germs present in your mouth.

Deniz G.
I think it's better to do eat after you brush your teeth to make sure you don't ingest the bacteria that grew in your mouth while you were sleeping.

Caroline Q.
I like to brush my teeth after so I can brush breakfast off too, but sometimes it’s nice to brush your teeth first thing , and feel clean while making breakfast

Alex Y.
Before. First of all, the food wouldn’t taste that good if you ate after you brushed. You should wait at least 20 minutes to brush your teeth after you ate.

Liz N.
Definitely before brushing your teeth. For me brushing my teeth is the transition from my morning routine into my productive day. You can enter your day with fresh breath no matter what stinky thing you may or may not have had for breakfast lol

Jayden J.
after brushing your teeth. Eating before brushing your teeth makes it worse for your teeth because overnight while you’re sleeping even though you brushed your teeth you’re still gathering bacteria in there and if you eat before brushing your teeth you’re just gonna put more bacteria which is worse

India S.
It depends on what I’m doing that day. If I’m going somewhere without a mask after breakfast, I’ll brush after. Otherwise, I don’t brush at all. ❤️

Marek Z.
I like to eat breakfast before I brush my teeth. That way I can enjoy my breakfast without the taste of toothpaste getting in the way. It also helps keep my mouth clean for a longer period of time.