Do you have some recepies for breakfast?

Emily E.
I usually try to have a light breakfast, protein shakes are always a good option. Recently I’ve been having a bowl of fruit consisting of strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and blueberries, then a glass of milk, and either a bagel with cream cheese, or a breakfast sandwich with either sausage and cheese or ham and cheese.
Anna U.
An egg in the hole is a recipe I've found people haven't heard of and it's really enjoyable and easy! You toast some bread, cut a yolk sized hole in the bread, put oil on a pan and turn on the stove top to low-medium heat, place the bread on the pan, crack the egg in the hole of the toast then cook however you like your eggs! Sometimes I do runny, sometimes I hardest the yolk. Enjoy!
Victoria P.
My go-to easy breakfast is Vanilla Greek Yogurt, throw in some blueberries and almonds, drizzle a tiny bit of honey. Easy and delicious!
L Rke X.
Smoothie: one hanful of frozen mixed berries+half banana(on days I run)+1/2 mango or 2 kiwis+ 2tbsps of greek yougurt+ 1tsp of almond butter+1tsp of flaxseeds
Or overnight chia pudding with berrirs
Or overnight oats with nuts
Or coffee + 1 piece of fruit + 1 boiled egg
Joshua W.
I would start of with bagel 🥯 and cream cheese & turkey meat for protein and have a banana and water and tea with honey and granola bar or oatmeal with fruit in it
Maria V.
In my breakfast almost everyday I take oat meal with fresh fruits on top of it.First I boile some water then put some oats in the boiling water and mix them together.Then I put a little honey on top and some fresh fruits that are available at the time.I prefer banana,strawberry,kiwi,apple and I also put some sesimi seeds on top of all that.And then I enjoy my oats.
Erban N.
I usually drink milk with muesli cereals because it really gives me a lit of energy for the whole day. I might add a fruit and a small bite of dark chocolate.
Teresa S.
To be honest i don’t have any recepies for breakfast, but I’d like to eat less meat (no meat would be the best) and even more vegetables than i eat now.
Julio Y.
Breakfast is my favorite part of the day because I have been trying all these new things! Lately I've been drinking smoothies and my personal favorite is strawberry and banana!
Zee N.
I use some granola, yoghurt, honey, apples, bananas and nuts make a bowl out of it and eat it
I also make a scrambled egg with vegetables and have a cuppa coffee. So you crack as many eggs as you need to make( I use one) cut up some vegetables(tomatoes, chilies, whatever you like) and cook it in a little oil with salt and pepper.
Sumire S.
I'm too lazy to cook in the morning, so I just make scrambled or boiled eggs to take a protein. And I mainly eat rice and a cup of beans soup. Trying to eat some fruits like orange or banana as well!
Molly P.
My breakfast recipes won’t include any meat, but I love to make pumpkin, lemon, or banana bread and have that for breakfast for a couple of days, I also eat a lot of toast and peanut butter. I always start out with a cup of coffee or tea though! French toast is fun, but it’s a lot of work, and fruit is always the best option when it’s available!!
Mason T.
. Try a thick smoothie,, they are the best! ~ All you need is some type of frozen berries, milk of any kind a banana and some yogurt well this is how I like to have it. 🙂

Another thing that I like is just toast with some butter or margerine but you have to wait until the butter has sorta melted on the warm toast. The best!

You could use this for breakfast if you wanted. Now it may sound weird but it tastes bomb
Avocado on toast then tuna then tomato with salt and pepper just trust me on this one.

Poached eggs are sooo good!
You put some water in a saucepan and then put it on the stove to start to boil.
You need to put a bit of white vinager in, just a splash.
Then with a string spoon you mix around then water so it is like a whirlpool 🌪️.
Then while the water is spinning around you crack the egg in and it will wrap around itself.
Cook the egg for about 2-3 minutes then scoop it out and have it on toast.
With salt and pepper.

And that's all I can think of rn but I enjoyed doing this so thank you and I hope you at least try the toast tunu one 🙂
Any way byeee

From Isabel