What’s the best breakfast for a gym addict?

Lauriano A.
A good mix of food. Include protein to help your muscles, carbs to give you a little boost at first and some good fats like an avacado to give you longer lasting energy.
Capucine Z.
First of all I try not to eat anything super heavy otherwise you'll feel sort of sluggish. For me my normal pre gym breakfast would be just a normal bowl of fibre rich cereal (so shredded wheat etc) a banana and at least two slices of toast with peanut butter. I then later go on to eat after my work out is completed to get more protein intake (I. E. Protein bars and things like fish and meat for lunch).

By acting in this way it helps me get the necessary amount of energy required for my workout without going overboard or feeling sick and then giving me the required protein and carbohydrate intake after my gym workout (but that's just me personally)

Carl F.
I think it should be protein rich food. For example eggs, diet chicken and broccol. Also breakfast should consist vegetables and smth like cornflakes. Its better not to eat sugar, pancakes and other sweet stuff
Erkan T.
Have some protein like eggs some complex carbs like oatmeal or wholemeal toast. You can have a protein shake instead if you prefer the important thing is to eat breakfast so.you have energy to hit the gym.
Beth C.
A protein shake with bananas and peanut butter ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
June G.
Every person is different, so make sure to pay attention to your own needs. I like making scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa. Then I make a fruit smoothie with whole milk yogurt, cranberry juice, and frozen strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Nutritious and delicious.
Raul U.
I am not exactly sure as I am not really a gym addict, but I would have something that gives you good energy, such as light protein like eggs, some greens like spinach or fruit like grapes and bananas. Anything that isn't too heavy. Something fresh and simple.
Rosa N.
I love a hard boiled egg with 2-3 oz. turkey or salmon and some sliced peppers or tomatoes on the side. I drink carrot and spinach juice with chia seeds. Feel great and have ton of energy!
Emilie C.
If your someone how likes eggs and bacon but need a a fast breakfast, I get the frozen breakfast sandwiches and it takes just a few minutes in the microwave and can be eaten on the go and they are good. I don't usually do breakfast at all but these sandwiches are good and not over filling
Dominik O.
I like something that doesn’t take too much time because I’m always feeling tight on time. So I like “on the go” items. My go to’s are; yogurt, grapenut, fruit & nut parfait, or oatmeal with almond milk, peanut butter & honey, sometimes shredded wheat (frosted) with banana, or the Morningstar sausage patties are awesome! Unless you have to have real meat, then you probably won’t like them. Hope these ideas help!
Walda Q.
If I’m going to exercise in the morning the best breakfast for me would be a complex carbohydrate/ protein combination like an apple and a bit of homemade granola with low-fat yogurt.
That gives me energy and is fairly easy for me to digest.