How much food do normal people eat? I’m a light eater. Sometimes I feel I need to eat more than I usually eat, even though I feel full. Is it okay to eat less?

Eskay N.
If you are full then no need to over do it . I’m the morning I am a light eater fruits with cereal and with lunch I get a little heavier but not to much
Devyn G.
Of course it is! Some people have smaller stomachs which only allow them to eat smaller meals. Eating until you feel content and full is all that matters!
Laly O.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with how much you eat, as long as you do eat. Forcing your stomach to take more than it can will only leave you feeling tired and drained of energy. This will lead to laziness, which will lead to weight gain and so on and so on. So eat what you can and dont feel bad about it
Antenor Z.
I think that your own body have own way to eat. When you're hungry, you need to eat, when you're not hungry but want to eat, then eat. But don't eat when you can't.
Simrit O.
I'm too a light eater and it is perfectly okay to eat less. If you feel full then its your body's indication that it doesn't need more everyone has their own appetite and its better to eat accordingly. Just make sure you do not miss out on all the nutrients its necessary to include everything in small portions.
Ruhollah A.
As far as I know, there is no one correct amount of food. It depends on many factors. What is it you're eating? What do you do during the day? And how you're body reacts to food. Some of the healthiest people in the world eat large amounts of food, because their body and their routine works with that.

The thing about the body is important. Some people's body needs more than three meals a day, in small amounts. For some, the three meal with a light dinner works. Some need more, some need less.

You should watch and listen to your body, how often and how much food it wants and how it reacts after every meal and generally during the day and the week. Ultimately, the correct amount is the amount that makes you feel best, mentally and physically. And if you could ask your doctor for help on this, you can be more certain.