Are eating eggs everyday healthy?

Seth X.
Eggs have lots of protein and nutrients that can really help us feel good all day. But it’s important to consider how we prepare them. Hard-boiled or pouches are better choices than fried!
Apolline U.
Yes, it is important to start the day with some protein. Also, there is no reason to worry about the cholesterol, since the evidence on dietary cholesterol is very inconclusive.
Amalie S.
Eggs are very healthy for you. Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of eggs on their own so I always find a way to hide them in other breakfast items I make
Ser F.
It depends on your biology, and I'm not a doctor to answer your question. But lot's of researches shows that eggs are fine for everyday. I guess up to 2 per day. But I'm not sure. Do your research.
Stefanie E.
I don't recommend eating eggs everyday. My dad loves him a breakfast taco but after eating eggs repeatedly daily his cholesterol levels were high. I suggest trying other breakfast items. Maybe eat eggs on and off. Hope this helps!
Mike E.
They contain a lot of protein as well as the vitamins and minerals sufficient to adapt to a day. So yes eggs are healthy.
Chester U.
As long as it's part of a balanced diet, yes! They are Abit high in cholestoral, but are also packed with protein and good nutrients–and they're quick and easy to make. There's a reason eggs have been a part of our diets throughout history.
Selma N.
Yes. They are full of protein that makes you feel fuller for longer. 2 eggs a day, as well as adding egg whites to the dish is a perfect way to start the day.
Nathaniel C.
It depends on how you definite "healthy", but no, there's no single food considered so healthy that daily consumption is better than a variety of nutrient-dense foods. Yes, eggs are "healthy", if you're asking if they're nutrient-dense. But Are you managing a disease? Is your goal to prevent dementia? To run a marathon?
To be stronger? To live till 150? These questions can change what's "healthiest" for you, because health comes down to ability to function to your own satisfaction. My goal is to be able-bodied as long as possible, so health to me is "the right molecule to the right cell". And, eggs aren't thought to increase your blood LDL anymore, what you may call "cholesterol".
Lotti G.
Yes & no because it could get disgusting at one point the. Your never going to want to eat them again but yet they are a good source of breakfast or lunch.