How do you manage to consistently wake up every morning at 6AM?

Erin F.
When week days, I can't actually wake that time, But my cat always wake me up but i constantly fell asleep again, When its busy days then i can manage to do that by sleeping early
Ma Va E.
I don't. Because I wake up at 6.30. But that's because I can't fall asleep at night and I simply can't get up so early if I don't get enough sleep. So, it helps me to unplug and think about things I like to fall asleep faster, and the next morning, it's much easier for me to get up at 6 AM.
Nithia V.
Not every morning but Monday to Friday is when I have too whake up 6am or 4am sometimes it's hard to get up but my high alarm helps me wake up but there are some days when I'm just to tired so I take my blanket off to get my body up or I just tell myself "hey wake up your gonna be late tho you wanna be late just wake up"
Nashwa A.
Not good at all..I always shut off my alarm Everytime it rang and that makes me not constantly wake up every morning. Please help me .
Amy A.
I don’t. Most of the times I sleep in from 5 minutes to an hour every day. But I make sure that I wake up when I want. If I do not want to. wake up I won’t. But eventually by waking up at these times 3 times a week, I grow a habit and I would want to wake up during these times
Reem N.
Didn’t manage my sleeping schedule good at all unfortunately. I can’t even say i had a wrong schedule because there was non. I woke up at night at slept the noon after.
Auguste Y.
set an alarm and force yourself to get up straight away, don't go on your phone! First three days are hard then the fourth day is like you've been doing it forever. Don't go to bed a minute later than 10pm!
Olivia O.
I don't wake up at 6 and iam a very night person, night owl but when I do or must then my fav song from the lodge starting over, starting now playing in my head I also sing it when I can and I just feel like it's morning iam like Sky, wake up!! 💙 And I can 🙂
Reginald P.
I wake up at 7am not 6am but i do that because i have school :') if i didnt have school i would wake up at 9am but when i wake up at 7 i wake up by the use of my chicken alarm-..
Tatiana Z.
I have no choice. I have to take my kids to school and get to work. I also set an alarm for 5 am and every half hour after so I am not deep sleeping prior to the time I get up.
Murilo Q.
I don't. 😂 I wake up once I've had 8 hours of sleep. I have added tea to my morning routine, and it's what I look forward to in the morning. It gets me out of bed.
Wolfhard J.
I wake up at 8:30am, or at least I intend to. I set an alarm and immediately after I don’t grab my phone I grab my water. I then make my way downstairs to eat breakfast. After that I brush my teeth and start some meditation or yoga.
Tobias F.
im not very consistent, i wake up at 6:30 or later at times. i try to get enough sleep, and when i wake up, i repeat to myself that its a new day and that i should get started, i drink some water and after that i have some energy
Shannon P.
The way I manage to consistently wake up at 6am is my husband telling me how significantly important it is to him when I get up in the morning before he goes to work and spend that hour enjoying coffee together and watching the news and he told me by getting up im showing him with my actions not words just how much he means when I get up and sometimes we don't talk at all but he'll hold my hand and he says what a great mood he is in all day by getting outta bed at 6am. I drink a glass of water right away and that helps too to wake up my body. I set my alarm far away from my reach and have to put in codes 3 separate times to make it stop ringing. By then I'm definitely up and at 'em lol. Hope this helps
Claire X.
Set an alarm and act on it 🙂 But I am bad at waking up quickly so I am using an app that starts waking me up half an hour before my alarm rings. This way I wake up slowly and I'm ready to get up when it's time. The app is called Sleep cycle.
Beate J.
I wake up at 7 o'clock. Stretch my body, start some relaxing music and meditate for 5 minutes. Than I go to shower and clean myself up.
Augusta P.
This is still the most difficult part for me.
But to be able to wake up on time,
I set the alarm 48 times
And so my cell phone plays a different sports music every minute.
It was hard work at first but now I wake up to the first alarm I hear.
Airam N.
I don't, I sometimes wake up later on the weekends and sometimes I wake up 40 minutes late because the bed is so comfy. I struggle with it but I try.
Waltrud C.
Although I do struggle at times the best way is to go to bed at a reasonable hour the previous night and allowing your body to get all the sleep it requires. It's not going to happen overnight but setting your body into a rhythm, even if you have to use an alarm, over time you should see things working out. Good luck.
Brittany W.
By having a good routine the night before that sends me to sleep at the same time, prepare options to get me back to sleep if I awake up, like sleep music/stories or a special blanket. In the morning I drink my habitual water in bed giving myself time to adapt, but I always get up and get breakfast within 30minutes then if I still feel bad, I can go back to bed and nap knowing I already filled my body with fuel for later