What do you eat if eating in the morning tends to make you feel sick, especially eggs or protein feel super heavy. Do just eat your breakfast later in the morning?

Ucja Z.
I usually drink juice to have some calories in my body, also drinking a lot of water might makes you hungry later, so you need to drink it just in time to eat breakfast. Proteins are important but if they're feel heavy maybe change diet for vegetarian/vegan.
Danyah N.
I would first take a drink if I can’t eat completely don’t push it start small if not nuts maybe something you like start with that
Jennifer M.
Not crazy with breakfast but if I do feel i need to eat breakfast and feel that way I eat something lighter instead. Like fruit with cheese & crackers. But I also work 2 midnights and 3 afternoon shifts so I tend to just eat whenever I get home from work unless its an afternoon with a massive amount of energy I will be burning.
Katie X.
Eating in the morning typically doesn't make me sick, but if I do for some reason, I would eat later in the morning when I don't feel as sick.
Addison U.
try switching up what you eat a bit and try having some fruit and a protein bar/shake (or one of those if that fills you up) make sure to continue switching up what you eat if you start to get bored of it and it doesn’t make you feel good
Marieluise O.
Listen to your body 🙂 If eating too early doesn’t make you feel good, wait a bit. However, if you notice that you may actually need food at the time, try yogurt, nuts, or some light fruit.
Arabella P.
Usually if I’m feeling sick I don’t want to eat/ will feel terrible if I do eat. I would recommend drinking water despite this, and make sure you stay hydrated. You can find a time where you can have a small trail mix or some strawberries, just something to fill your stomach. Then, when ready you can have a sort of brunch. Hope this helps 🙂
Lucinda B.
I used to eat despite my sickness, only because I didn’t have time to be waiting around for my appetite. I would wake up at around 5:40 and just make breakfast, even while sick. Now, I still wake up at that same time, but have no obligations, as it is summer. So, I exercise and don’t get home until 7:30 or 8:00 AM. I take my time, hang out, get coffee, and then eat whatever breakfast I want. It’s definitely very freeing, but I know that won’t be the case once work and school start up again.
Dasa J.
I usually don’t eat breakfast but on the rare occasion that I do I tend to have oatmeal or French toast. Sometimes French toast sits heavy but not as much as eggs with toast do.