Your favourite place to walk?

Peter S.
My favorite place to walk is in the nature, near a stream or a Lake where you can see the reflection on the water, feel the wind vibrate between the trees and where you see the Birds fly. And if there is a Hill in the neighbourhood to top it off, it would be great so u can end your walk with a great view
Edward Y.
If i would think of a place were i love to walk, a clean peace neighborhood is theone that comes up in my mind, with no vehicles. Although i have a certain place that I would want to go if i want to take a walk, it's the add convention center
Lily Y.
My favorite place to walk is the beach. I get to relax and just listen to sound of the waves and smell the ocean in the air.
Macy R.
I love walking along the lake. I feel at peace being near the water. It’s almost as if I can physically wash away all my problems and just give them to the Lord. In the summer I see boats and people having fun, but I also feel so calm being with nature and breathing in the fresh air.
Trinity T.
I never went out an walked before but my favorite place to walk would be nice a quite either a sunny or cloudy day , with a few people
Mohammad N.
The park nearby my home, a beautiful one although it is winter or summer. I like to walk and just see different iind of people, to see the beauty of nature and to listen to the silence… greate place indeed.
Ubiara O.
My favorite place to walk is in the forest, the air is fresh and smells of leafs and it's quiet which means my thoughts don't get disturbed by anything or anyone.
Stacy O.
In the recreation park because the air is fresh and there are various green trees and the surrounding conditions are pleasing to the eye.
Frederikke X.
I like to go for a walk in the forest or overall in the nature because I can hear all of the life around me and it makes me feel refreshed.
Zeferino S.
My favorite place to go for a walk is the beach. I live near by the beach and its really calming to listen to the sea and the waves.
Hazel Q.
My favorite place to walk was in the park.. in my place the park has many trees I like it bcoz I can connect myself to nature.. Energetically and spiritually..
Laura Q.
A have 2 favorites clpse to my home. One is by the sea and great view but can be crowded sometimes. Other one is in the forest and rarely get crowded however it can be muddy in rainy weeks. Both feel great for long walks and i choose according to my mood.
Shannon A.
I am from Cape Town and here's a lot of greenery here so I love walking in nature alongside the beach and on the beach it's by far my favorite thing to do.
Joann W.
Any secluded, quiet trail in the woods, to give myself a chance to spend time without the rest of the world, just by myself.