What does everyone else eat for breakfast?

Gustav Nielsen
I usually have a bowl of protein porridge, some raspberry flavoured Greek yoghurt and whatever else I have time for! Usually a banana, glass of orange juice and some toasted brown bread. I’m a big eater in the morning!

Keith Mitchell
Before trying this app. I usually just had coffee and a protein bar every morning. I started my few days with oatmeal. Hopefully, I will branch out.

Lee Vargas
For breakfast I usually have a piece of fruit and a serving of quinoa flakes with honey or I make a fruit/veggie/oatmeal smoothie.

Jeff Hale
Usually either scrambled eggs with spinach or broccoli and turkey sausage or whole grain waffles with peanut butter and banana slices. I always try to combine carbs and protein.

Albertina Carvalho
I try for a combination of protein and carbs and to keep it light as I have issues eating in the morning. My go to breakfasts are a boiled egg and a piece of toast, porridge with fruit & low fat greek yoghurt with fruit. All of these are fairly quick and easy as well.

Dwight Gray
Other than a few I know who just get up and have coffee only, even before water, I can only guess. Some have smoothies, some vary between cereals and eggs. A few cook oats and a few have leftovers.

Bendita Souza
Kite Hill Almond yogurt with 1/4 c. blueberries, banana, kiwi, or strawberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds and 1/4c. Paleo-granola a dollop of locally harvested honey.

Natalino Duarte
I have pre diabetes so I try to eat every 2 hours in small portions. My breakfast routine is usually 1-2 eggs, half a slice of %100 rye bread, half avocado (i eat the other half during the day), tomatoes – almonds – olives and feta cheese as optionals.

Barbara Holmes
I wat a chocolate peanut butter breakfast shake made from vega chocolate nutritional powder, natural peanut butter, fat free lactaod milk, and powdered oats.

Terra Martinez
(quick meals) Granola bars, fruits, peanut butter and honey sandwich. Vegemite sandwich. Yoghurt with mixed berries. Avocado on toast.

Laura Gibson
A bowl of oatmeal (whole grain) w/ chia seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, almonds, apple and oat milk… And coffee 🙂

Ida Johansen
I typically eat a boiled egg or two (which I’ve cooked the evening before and are in the fridge) and some fruits and veggies, usually in the form of a smoothie or green juice. Sometimes, just a cut up apple or some berries though. Sometimes I mix it up with yogurt instead, or put nuts in my smoothie. Convenience is key for me.

Bonnie Gonzalez
Eggs scrambled with special stuff like veg and toast with hot cocoa or a cup of tea, or cereal and yogurt with a diced banana and raisins !

August Johansen
Gordon Ramsey’s scrambled eggs are AMAZING. I also have beans on toast or some sort of fruit. Maybe cerial if I’m in the mood (like wheetabix or granola). Porridge if I have time to make it.

Robert Moore
I’m not hungry in the morning so I’ll have a protein bar or a protein shake or smoothie in the morning. The protein helps fill me up and I can eat or drink them on the go

Nadeschda Nestler
I've been making granola lately, because I'm gluten free and I had a bunch of oats from a (failed) cookie recipe. I put it over plain Greek yogurt. Sometimes I add fruit, and sometimes I add honey.

Gaël Moulin
I start off with a shake, just banana and a scoop of protein powder, this stops me fileeling so hungry and let’s me focus on getting organized for the day.
Once I’m dressed, hair and makeup done, car packed up for day, dogs walked etc the last thing I do before setting out for a day at work is eat my porridge. Again it has a scoop of protein power and some fruit of some description, fresh/frozen fruit, maybe some cinnamon, or perhaps seeds.
I enjoy it so much more having alreay had a shake, and can relax knowing I’m ready to go.
It get me closer to lunch than it did when I had it earlier.
On a day off I’ll have a shake, then in a while I’ll have (high protein) yogurt with fruit / nuts / honey.

Line Durand
I see a lot of people eat cereal with milk. If I go out to eat people get eggs with toast, or an omelet. A side of fruit or if you are eating light just some oatmeal.

Adonias Costa
I always get what my body ask me to get. E.g. If for some reason I feel like it m running low on sugar levels, then I put a banana in my breakfast plate as a small desert.
The key is getting nutrients that will keep you energized for the longest period.

Conrado Cardoso
A lot of times I have oatmeal mixed with fruit, other times I’ll have French bread avocado toast, if I’m feeling fancy I’ll make pancakes with peanut butter

Gabino Nascimento
Stuff on wholemeal toast. Beans/lentils/tofu scramble and spinach etc.. I’m vegan so obviously you can have a meaty/eggy option if that takes your fancy. I make the ‘stuff’ up in batches so in the morning I just have to toast the bread, heat up the stuff, put it on the toast, then eat. Usually cover it in hot sauce too 😂 I’m very much a savoury person so this is my favourite thing to eat on a morning. Got it down to 15 mins. Going well so far 👍

Tammy Dean
I usually expect meant that people eat the same breakfast or almost the same one with frankfurters eggs cereals milk sandviches

Wibke Lachmann
I usually eat a bowl of porridge (oatmeal) – approximately 250gms.
With that I may have 2 fried eggs with bread and a cup of tea.

Morgane Brun
I usually eat a piece of fruit, have some sort of protein (egg, peanut butter, etc.), some whole grain (whole grain bread, tortilla or waffles) and some calcium (milk, milk substitute, cheese, etc.)

Jakob Webb
It isnot necessary to sit down and have a huge scrumptious breakfast every day . Let's b real for a second here that is not possible. Oil seeds , some raw carrots , even tomatoes are good, you ca have a fistful of peanuts or even dry fruits do the job .

Brunhilde Kircher
Oatmeal mixed with almond milk and a bunch of goodies (granola, nuts, blueberries, honey, raisins, etc.). Add a scoop of protein powder; everything inside one of those protein shakers. You can drink it as a chunky smoothie while on the road.

Deborah Henderson
Personally, scrambled eggs, some fruit, a glass of milk, some cereal, two slices of whole bread and a small cup of coffee. Lasts about five hours of very physical work. Most people around here just eat a lot bread and drink tea, though.

Samanta Pereira
Huel shake, vanilla or with fruit like blueberries and strawberries or banana. I also like oatmeal with mixing in fruit or cinnamon. If I am keto, eggs and Tabasco with avocado. I find that simple is better to remain consistent.

Isaac Gibson
They mostly eat whole grain, carbs and sugar along with good food as eggs and cheese and etc… Avoiding Carbs and sugar is the healthiest way.

Minervina Moreira
It depends on your definition of 'everyone else'. Talking about busy people, they don't have much time and maybe usually they grab a donut or two and move to work. If generally saying, people take toasts and eggs and jams and sandwiches and cereals for breakfast.

Edouard Dufour
Oatmeal, cereal, eggs, toast, bagel, overnight oats, fruit, banana, pancakes, waffles, omlet, quiche, bacon, sausage, breakfast sandwich

Albina Nordmann
A banana paired with a protein. Lately it’s been either peanut butter toast (with whole grain bread) or a hard boiled egg. I also keep almonds around. I may start switching up the fruit soon but I like bananas.

Albertino Gonçalves
For the first two days I had oatmeal, a boiled egg, yogurt, and a nutrition drink. Before this challenge I rarely ate breakfast, and if I did it was a donut, maybe a bagel, or oatmeal. I plan to add more meals onto my breakfast menu like whole grain toast, peanut butter toast, rice cakes with peanut butter, apples/fruits with peanut butter/fruit dip, and learn some different ways to cook eggs.

Charlie Henry
My father (I’m in high school) eats eggs, sausage, and pancakes, every morning, but counts his calories and always stays under his budget. My mother takes a Greek yogurt to work with a measured amount of granola (she’s also a calorie counter) and drinks a cup of black coffee (the flavorings and creamers have too many calories). I used to never eat breakfast or dinner, and have a huge lunch, but lately since the “Eat a Great Breakfast” challenge, I’ve been having eggs and a banana with orange juice every morning. Since eating breakfast with my dad, we’ve had some very deep conversations and I feel like I’ve gotten to know him better because of this, thanks Fabulous! 🙂

Baptiste Gonzalez
I've been eating "breakfast cookies"–peanut butter, oats, honey, and either banana / applesauce / pumpkin puree. Ready made once a week and feed me every morning!

Clife Freitas
Good morning to you fellow user,
In regard to my breakfast habit.
Just a note- I noticed only at this moment that the word for the first meal of the day is a combination of Break-fast, which means that after the prolonged period of time not eating (during our sleep) we now break this daily fast.

So, I choose to break my fast daily with Oatmeal with a cinnamon and a green apple.
I make my oatmeal with just boiling water in a bowl.
Those complex cards keep me fueled until my next meal.

My wife chooses to eat protein rich foods in her breakfast
She a couple of boiled eggs or some Greek yogurt with strawberrys.

Two people in the same house but with different breakfasts.

Lucy Wright
On days i work i eat overnight oats…1/4 cup oats mixed with 1 tblp mixed seeds a d 1 tsp cacoa nibs. Then mix with two or three heaped tablespoons of greek yogurt. I put it in a sealable container and place in the fridge overnight. Then top with 1/4 cup rasberries before eating.

On days im home i stirfry a couple of cups of vegetables then top with a poached egg

Savannah Myers
Hi! I like to eat maybe some fruit or healthy cereal for breakfast. If you have some time, you can make some oatmeal or plain pancakes. If you’re in a rush, get some easy and quick granola bars. You can also start your day with an protein shake or other drink. My father uses shakeology

Hope this helps!

Davi Martins
I usually have a sunny Side up egg for breakfast it the morning. Eggs are full of great nutrients and are very quick to cook. There is so many ways you can cook eggs so you don’t get sick of them. Sometimes I scramble them, sometimes I put on on a sandwich with bacon, but most of the time I have them sunny side up with a runny yolk.

Cléo Blanchard
Usually I eat 40 grams of muesli (made by myself) in a cup of almond or oat milk. Sometimes one apple or a banana. And other times when I got my glycemia value too high I take a coffee only and then eat a fruit or a protein bar at middle morning

Pedro Thompson
Scrambled egg wrap with slivered turkey bacon. Green onions, cheese & salsa inside. It’s good made fresh or the night before, then you just pop it in the microwave for a breakfast on the run.

Victoria Andersen
Organic steel cut oatmeal with some kind of fruit like blueberries. Little bit of vegan butter, but no added sugar, it soooo good!

Nicklas Christiansen
I have a very fast recipe for breakfast:

– 1 egg
– 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 1 teaspoon of low sugar jam
– A pinch of cocconut oil

I stir the cocoa powder and honey in a cup until it forms a dense paste that looks like Nutella. Then I add the egg and stir it. I melt a pinch of coconut oil in a small pan and cook the egg until it forms what looks like a pancake. I spread some jam on it, roll it and eat it along with an apple.

Wilma Herrera
One breakfast strategy is to eat the same thing every day. This can be helpful if you are just getting used to eating breakfast. I currently like to mix it up, so I vary between a few faves: oatmeal with raisins + almond butter, scrambled eggs, or a smoothie. For smoothies, I like spinach, blueberries, almond milk and a protein like greek yogurt or almond butter.

Lois Ferguson
a. Yoghurt + black coffee
b. Scrambled eggs + toast
c. Omelette with cheese + Earl grey tea
d. Oatmeal with hot milk
e. Muesli + yoghurt
f. Banana + black coffee

Jeanne Boyer
I love oatmeal porridge with almond milk, nuts, seeds, banana and fresh ginger! Sometimes I bake an oatmeal cake with the same ingredients (adding eggs and backing powder). I put the slices in the freezer. That way I can have breakfast quickly and easily.

Phoebe Wood
I'm not used to eating big breakfasts. But currently I eat either a smoothie/ shake made from fruits and nuts or only a fruit, when I'm in a hurry

Karla Olsen
I eat yogurt with fruit and granola and a few dark chocolate chips! It’s a good start to the day. I’m not a big breakfast person so sometimes I just do a small bowl of yogurt with a little of granola.

Tommy Kelley
For me it varies. I like eggs until I get sick of them. The past week I've had a lot of oatmeal with peanut butter and chia seeds. If you're a meat eater, I recently found out about this South African jerky called biltong which is practically pure protein and that is excellent for a long-term energy boost.

Curtis Alvarez
Sometimes leftovers. Generally oatmeal with chia seeds and blueberries. In a big bowl, otherwise will bubble over, 1/3 cup oat meal, not instant!, 2/3 cup water, pinch salt, 2tsp chia. Micro 1.30 mins. Palm of fruit and Add whatever milk you use.
Or, 2 eggs, sprouted toast, gratefruit.
Always 1 coffee or expresso.

Concetta Kaps
I think many people don’t even eat breakfast. They feel like they don’t have the time. When people do eat breakfast it may be fast food or donuts. They may think they are doing better if they get waffles or pancakes. Some eat sugary cereals.

Aubrey Rivera
Everyone around me eats cereals, avocado, eggs, otherwise a bunch of high calories sweets, like pancakes, donuts, waffles and lots of coffee with full milk

Calisto Cardoso
Eggs, Müesli with high fat yogurt, fruits. Water and coffee. Sometimes I add a slice of bred with butter and jam or honey. A couple of times a week some Nutella 🙂

Côme Fernandez
I don’t know what everyone else eats. I only know what I eat. I’m slightly allergic to eggs so I have found lots of good breakfast alternatives over time. It’s always frustrating to me when I’m told to eat a healthy breakfast and the go to is eggs. Thanks for having some alternatives in your literature.

Roriz Pires
My breakfast is usually 2 eggs, sliced cucumber & tomato, low fat feta cheese, light 7grain toast, and sometimes tuna. I also like having sweet tea or coffee with it, though I'm trying to cut my caffeine

Selma Olsen
6 days out of 7 it’s porridge or weetbix with fruit and ma be dried fruit, with milk or plain yoghurt or sometimes a little of both. Every now and again I make myself a bacon and egg roll or omelette, with cheese, because bacon.

Peggy Gardner
Everyday is different…

Eggs with veggies
Yogurt and granola
Hard boiled egg
Egg sandwich
Coffee, iced coffee or tea

Storm Olsen
I like to cook a meal, all depending on what time I get up… eggs in any way are always nice plus you can add greens like capsicum toms spinach, anything really !
Nice big omelette is going to give you everything you need.

Rosivalda Da cunha
I make egg white muffins with spinach and cheese. I put the mixture in a muffin pan to bake. Let cool and refrigerate. A dozen will last a few days if breakfast and it saves time! Eat with fruit and its satisfying.

Gerti Wurm
A smoothie.
One scoop protein (currently Beach Body)
1 tsp peanut butter
2 tsp walnuts
3/4 almond milk
It takes like a Reese’s cup!!!

Aidê Duarte
Everyone eats something different, it depends on their habits. The most common meals are probable cereals, sausages, eggs, omelet, oatmeal

Amber Nguyen
I'm usually very hungry and in hurry in mornings, so I prefer something fast and healthy: boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, or smoothie (celery options are great). I often add fried fruits and nuts that I prepared the night before,

Peyton Beck
Some of my favourites 😋
Smoothie-oatmeal (worth checking out!)
Omelette w/ cheese n ham
Banana pancakes
Grilled cheese
Avocado toast w/ vegetables

Mason Ramos
I usually either have an omelette (3 free range eggs, 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 garlic clove, finger-thick onion, handful of spinach) or oats heated up with chocolate almond milk.

Lester Young
I usually eat something easy to bite or prepare. Thus I choose oatmeal + milk, or yoghurt + avocado + apple /banana. On lazy days, I survive by eating milk + bread.

Leilane Silveira
Two eggs with cheese. I’m doing Keto, but even before I found a high protein breakfast gets me through my day so much better. I whip the eggs, add some sharp cheddar and a couple teaspoons of water. Mix it all up and microwave for about two minutes, stirring gently twice during cooking. Fluffy goodness.

Léandre Lacroix
I make a smoothie with banana, frozen berries, probiotic or coconut yoghurt, almond milk, protein powder, cinnamon and maca powder. It is yum, easily and quickly made, and I can take it with me if I am running late.

Nelson Campos
I eat a bowl of oatmeal topped with chia seeds and chocolate chips, with orange juice for that vitamin C, and a cup of tea with honey! Usually earl grey or something similar.