What does everyone eat for breakfast?

Paola P.
Eggs most days, toasts or arepas and fruit. When I have less time I usually just grab a fruit or some granola with low lugar almond mil and a banana.
Etelvira S.
Eso dependerá de cada quien, algunos no les sienta el ingerir alimentos "pesados" en la mañana. No es mi caso. A mí me encanta desayunar y hacerlo bien, tengo siempre en cuenta las proteínas, carbohidratos y grasas; algo de fruta nunca está de más. Mis alimentos preferidos son los huevos, el arroz y los fríjoles, pan, leche, avena, queso, embutidos, café… La configuración y la cantidad dependerá de que te pida tu cuerpo y que actividades tienes por delante ese día, si requeriras mucha energía asegúrate de tomar un buen desayuno.
Que estés bien, mucho éxito. Te mando un abrazo <3
Alvin S.
For me, it changes from day to day depending on what I’m going to be doing and what mood I’m in. Sometimes I make myself a breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese, bacon, mayo, etc. on toast) and eat some fruit, and some days I’ll just have toast. The important thing for me is to eat at least a little something because it’s easy to just run out the door and go about my day. I think it’s also fun to experiment with new foods and see what makes me feel better throughout the morning. When I’m feeling spontaneous, I’ll make a smoothie or French toast or something. It may take longer, but it feels good to treat myself with something I don’t have every day.
Andrea Y.
I usually make a baked oatmeal over the weekend and eat it with some milk or yogurt, berries, nuts or seeds. When I’m feeling extra fancy I might do toast with avocado and scrambled eggs with salsa on top.
Marini F.
Bread, sometimes fruits to fill up the tummy like banana. As the banana is less calories yet filling and helps with digestion
Clifton C.
Eggs, yogurt, smoothie, banana, grapefruit, a cup of coffee, granola bar. Just find something and try to keep it healthy!