What if you don’t have time to eat breakfast?

Louis O.
I say that if you don't have time, you can always grab a fruit to go and snack during the day. The next day, you can manage your time and make yourself a great breakfast to kickstart your day!
Pius J.
Listen to your body for its hunger cues! If you don’t have time for a big breakfast at home first thing, set up something you can grab and go with the night before. Just whatever you need to fuel your day, whenever you need it most!
Anne Z.
Take a banana and spread some peanut butter on it. Eat it on the go.
If you are always going to the same place in the morning, keep a stash of power bars or something there, in your car, or in your bag for when you don't have time.
Jessie C.
If it happens once then I’d just make sure to hydrate extra that morning and make sure you get a nutritional lunch. But for the future you can always plan ahead by meal prepping. Overnight oats have recently become very popular. Also protein or meal replacement bars are an easy substitute. Also baking muffins or egg bites the night before can be helpful.
Gertrude U.
I prepare mine the night before and take it to work with me. They can't tell you off for trying to start your day right.
Kyle U.
That's the common potential problem. There is the tendency to have a snack in place of this. I guess one has to take something instead of going hungry except one is having a fast
Amanda W.
Make sure to grab something simple and ensure you stop for something as soon as possible. Make lunch a healthier meal but not too filling so as to put you into a little sleep coma
Cust Dio N.
if you don't have time to eat in the morning I would grab a piece of fruit or energy bar or something quick that can give you some energy until you can make it to lunch you don't want to be tired before your day gets started
Tobias P.
What about a granola bar you can eat on the move? Doesn't have to be a granola bar, just the first food item off the top of my head.
Christine O.
For breakfast on the run, I grab a breakfast protein bar (watch the sugar content…) and a string cheese! I’ll throw my vitamins/supplements in a little to go container, so I don’t miss taking them by “skipping” my normal breakfast routine at home.
Martin Y.
We all have the same amount of time during one day. It now depends on how we set our priorities. Make eating breakfast a priority, and you will find some time for it. Eating on the go could be an alternative option.
Egbert X.
Then I can grab a muscle milk on the way to work or make a protein shake at home. There isn’t really an excuse if you add some quick eats to the shopping list. A serving of the granola i eat is 11 pieces( can eat on the drive to work). For protein I have some low carb yogurt and that probably takes less time to eat than making a shake. I try to make a hot breakfast during the weekends when I have more time. But I digress. You will always have time to eat breakfast if you plan and buy accordingly. You should be wondering what you’ll have for breakfast while you’re getting ready, you should know.
Isaac E.
If I can’t find the time to make breakfast in the morning I usually opt for buying something on the way to work. I usually buy a pastry but always a savory one. Another option which I considered is to prepare chia puddings in small jars for a few days ahead and then add fruit in the morning. But that would be sugar again – so I’m not sure about that.
Daniel C.
Maybe have some pieces of fruit on hand so you can grab one on the go. Or have a stash of healthy snacks such as nuts/seeds/dried fruit in your car or at your desk.
Tony F.
I think that if you dont have time to make breakfasts every morning then you should make them the night before so you dont have to worry about them taking time to get ready
Eliot A.
You have two options and you may combine them into something that works for you.
1. Reschedule your priority list and give breakfast higher position. This means, you have to drop or limit some other activity either in the morning or in the evening, so you have more time to sleep and can wake up sooner.
2. Don't have breakfast and let the lunch (or brunch?) be your first meal. Skipping one meal on purpose and with needed precautions (plan what your first meal will be and when) can actually have health benefits (see e.g. intermittent fasting on this topic) and you can take it as a way to train your willpower. The mission is completed if the first meal of your day is healthy, regardless of the time you eat it.
Carlos O.
Just prepare the go-to food in the night itself so that next morning you can have it in your way ex sanwhich or protein bar
Neil U.
There are some really good ways to get breakfast on the go. One way is ready made smoothies in the fridge or overnight oats
Emily Z.
Take it with you thats what I have been doing as of late with school getting busy. Even if its just a smoothie in the morning to drink on your way to get to where you are going. Take advantage of the time you have at night to preprep breakfasts to take on the go
Carolyn E.
I use Bulletproof collagen protein powder in my coffee and a banana or berries when I don’t have time for to cook breakfast. At 18 grams of protein, it’s a good way to stave off hunger for a few hours.
Armando Q.
I'm running into that issue. I am trying to wake up a bit earlier so I have time or just grabbing something easy like yogurt and a breakfast bar or pre packing fruit so I can grab and eat on the go
Sohan E.
If there is no time at that morning you have awoken, then try grabbing some fruit and water for the morning! But if possible, try planning the night before what you want to have an when you wake up all you have to do is get it all together! Maybe getting up a bit earlier will help but yeah planning is key for sure!
Anita X.
I like to put out everything I need for breakfast the night before so I can grab it and go. For those times when I am running late I keep a box of protein bars and eat one of those when I find a spare moment.
Xander C.
Well dear, this is one of good habits that we need t o adhere this rule . You should think of its advantages for your health in long term an your productivity in short term. Eat health and complete breakfast boosts your mood and help you easily break into pieces. All in all it keeps you strong in the morning
Amber J.
One always have time its just a matter of prioritising activities. In some exceptional cases when there is no time for eat I pick up juice and nuts on my way to work
Louise F.
I'll take my breakfast with me and eat it on the way. However, I when planning to wake up early, I would consider breakfast time.
Glenda J.
You can get up 15 minutes earlier, or on weekends, do some meal prep to havw breakfast on the go. Things like egg and bacon cups or egg and lean bacon wraps can freeze well
Philip N.
When I have a super busy morning planned for the next day, I’ll often make a smoothie the night before. Just a simple combination of frozen berries, protein powder, and almond milk works … which I try to keep stocked for mornings like that. In the AM I can just grab and go!
Harry U.
I've been keeping various kinds of pre-made shakes (like Soylent) in my fridge for when I don't have time to put together breakfast.
Leroy T.
I sometimes will do a quick instant oatmeal while I’m the car or plan the night before for something you can grab on the go like hard boiled eggs or put a smoothie together the night before, blend it in the Morning and go! 🙂
Amina Q.
If you try to make sure you have bananas and some mixed nuts you can grab them and run out the door. Better than nothing,
Feliciana P.
If I don't have time to eat breakfast, it's still better to eat something. Grabbing a piece of fruit on my way out is one option. Eating late, like at my break is another.
Selene C.
I always try to have something healthy ready to eat in case there's no time. That way, wether I have or don't have time, I eat something healthy and rich for the day
Charles P.
If I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, I always put a yogurt and an apple or a banana in my backpack to eat them on the go! 😉
Sean U.
I always try and keep something to eat at work. I am NOT a morning person so I like to wake up as late as I possibly can to get everything done and sometimes, that doesn’t include sitting down to eat breakfast. I keep breakfast bars and cereal at work, so I can eat at my desk in the morning before cracking on with my tasks.
Zora A.
I usually grab something quick to eat but also will give me some energy and protein. That's why I drink meal drinks, it started out for me as something I can put in my stomach so my medicine would work properly but it then became a good quick breakfast when I didn't have time to make myself a healthy breakfast.
Lucien S.
Not to worry, make a quick energising smoothie! Anything thats handy. Few calories up or down won’t harm because it’s breakfast time. Whole day is ahead of us. But don’t skip the breakfast as it is a power kickstarter to the day ahead!
L Ane T.
I guess you could try to wake a bit earlier or maybe just make something and eat it on your way to wherever you need to go. Or maybe get some granola bars. They might work as well.
Nicoline E.
Consider why you dont have time? Was there not enough time from when you woke up to when you needed to go somewhere else? Is there any way to give yourself enough time? If there isnt any way to increase the amount of time, try preparing a quick and easy breakfast the night before! An example is a smoothie. Prepare it the day before and put it in your fridge and take a few quick sips before running off! Even a bit of breakfast in the morning to tide you over until you can have a proper meal is better than nothing 🙂
Hiltraud X.
If I don't have time to make breakfast I'll usually grab an apple or banana. If I don't have any fresh fruit a granola or protein bar works too. I also like to boil eggs and keep them in the fridge for a quick snack.
Simon E.
Try tp make the breakfast evening before. Or if absolutely no way to eat breakfast, then skip also coffee and tea until lunch.
Alma N.
Keep fresh fruit (bananas or apples) and nuts on hand, so you grab them on the way out the door. Eating during your commute is better than nothing.
Leslie X.
I would take some fruits and cookies and take to the other place I would go… probably my work. Then, there I would eat as soon as possible.