How do you keep the time you eat breakfast consistent?

Josh F.
It’s a part of my morning routine and I’m trying to wake up at the same time everyday no matter what I have to do or not. I tend to make overnight oats so my breakfast is ready for me when I wake up. On the weekends I spend more time making breakfast but I don’t go to the gym before so I have the time. And I end up eating at the same time everyday.
Roberta O.
I don't keep it consistent. I always do something while having breakfast. Sometimes it's writing an essay and sometimes it's just browsing through instagram.
Nicklas P.
I give myself 7-7:30. That’s half an hour where I can be a bit flexible if I’m running late. Usually I find what to have for breakfast is the hardest thing to decide. I used to just have a bowl of yogurt or a muffin but I’m trying something different with muesli and strawberries. I used to eat them with yogurt but I found the sugar in it made me hungry soon after breakfast time when I couldn’t eat. I like to sit down and enjoy my breakfast but ignore you don’t have that time, just say for these fifteen minutes, this is breakfast time. Every day
Anna F.
The easiest way to eat breakfast at the same time is to wake up at the same time. If that doesn't work, try a phone alarm.
Timothee Y.
Unfortunatly due to my changing workschedule i can't always have breakfast at the same exact time but i try to sleep always the approx. same amount of hours and dedicate 20mins every morning to breakfast. If that means i have to go to bed earlier – i do. Sometimes prepairing breakfast the night before saves time (boil eggs, soak oats etc). Hope that helped
Gene P.
You don’t. Some days it’s a quick sandwich with nuts and another it’s a bigger meal. It’s more about getting that daily energy and nutrition that matters most to me.
Wallace W.
I make sure to get up at the same time each day. I have also given myself a set amount of time each morning to cook and eat my breakfast of choice. So 10 mins to cook and 10 mins to eat. Good thing about breakfast is that most things you cook are quick and easy to prepare. Set a time as to when you would like to eat breakfast. Me personally can't just roll out of bed and eat straight away so I usually have breakfast at least one hour after waking. If you have to be up and out straight away in the morning you could prepare breakfast the evening before so as you can pop it in your bag and have it on the go. I hope this helps. And good luck on your journey. I'm sure you are going to be fabulous!
Silje P.
By making that a priority over anything else during that morning routine itll get done and you'll be proud u made that time. Some how by doing the right thing it works out. If it means I have to take my makeup bag with me to work and put on ymy face quickly there then hey I'd prefer that and be well fed with energy than have a full face of makeup and be tired and grumpy and hungry.
By having healthy food in my fridge that helps a lot too I've been buying 1£ guacamole and 2£ ready to eat mackerel or salmon and lemon and Himalayan pink salt and rice cakes putting that all together and bam got myself a healthy light but filling breakfast that's going to give me energy. And it took me five minutes to put together and five minutes to eat that's time well spent in the mornings. If I ate porridge or cereal id be sluggish with no energy. If I dont feel like fish I have fruit cut myself up a blood orange a banana an apple a kiwi some raspberries those are my favourite. And I'm full tell my break at work.
If u tell yourself how important breakfast is then you'll start putting more effort in for it and youll prioritize more efficiently and itll just start happening naturally. Enjoy 😉
Людмила N.
I’m keeping to a food plan according to which in case my breakfast is later than 9 am, it has to be 50 g less than usual and my 11 am meal will contain no sweet food (fruit). I like sweets, so I keep to the schedule.