I’m wondering about quick options that are hot. I’ve never been a fan of cold breakfast like cereals and I’m trying to find something that doesn’t take up too much time or fills the sink with dishes.

Ivonete Q.
I always make scrambled egg on toast with a little butter and pastley with the eggs. Uses one pan, spoon and a plate. So quick and easy.
Luana Q.
Warm oatmeal doesn't take long to make and is healthy as well. Another options is to make eggs in a cupcake mild which you make the dat before and just need to warm up in the morning. You can add in tomatoes, zucchini and other veggies.
Jozef U.
You can get something that helps you makes breakfast, like a waffle maker or a egg maker that makes hard boiled eggs, poached eggs, or omelettes. Make some toast, easy DIY oatmeal, or you can also make an egg sandwich easily with some toast, the egg maker and a quick way to make bacon, I hope this helps.

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Lisa C.
My favorite quick hot breakfasts are egg muffins. You can put tons of different veggies in them (or meats and cheeses) and they’re super easy to make. Keep them in the fridge and then heat them up in the microwave. Also oatmeal.
Benjamim Q.
If you don't mind doing a bit of prep once a week, there are a lot of recipes for breakfast sandwiches, muffins, etc that you can prep, freeze and then just pop in the microwave when ready. My fave are egg cups made in muffin pans: 1 slice of bread in bottom, 1 egg beaten with whichever filling I want that week and cheese on top. They freeze well and don't get rubbery in microwave. Hope that helps!!
Jerome Q.
Du lait, des flocons d'avoine et du chocolat en poudre chauffés ensemble et remués dans une casserole avant d'être servis dans un bol ou un mug
Arnold E.
Honestly sandwiches are really quick and easy way to go, you could go ahead throw some eggs on the pan, grab a slice of cheese, a couple of deli meats, you're basically all set.
Isabella P.
A bowl with Which I put in: Granola, so grains, oats, nuts etc, those plus slices of fruit like Apple, plus some yoghurt. All makes for a clean getaway, using only a spoon, bowl & knife.
Randy E.
Hey there 🙂 if you like sweet stuff you could try prepping pancakes batter the night before (plenty of healthy pncake recipies online).
Gregory G.
Porridge and any fruit you want to add to it. I've been finding porridge and banana to be real tasty and quick. Quick enough to allow me to make for everyone in the house hold. I have three kids who have to get up but 7 washed dressed and eaten so when I say this is quick. Its quick!
Eleanor U.
I'm not the most creative when it comes to meals but the first breakfasts that i can think of is toast with butter and/or jam or porridge. They are both healthy and are quite quick to make.
Julius G.
Oatmeal would be nice, just need to cook it on a pan. You can also add toppings if you want sime variation, it's a really versatile dish.
Barb F.
Try toasting a bagel or English muffin, and if you have lunch meat, sandwiching a few slices. This takes about 2 minutes to prepare at Max, and if you don't have a toaster, butter the bread and insert in a microwave for 20 seconds. It does finish a little soggy, but it does the job without a toaster.
Filomeno F.
Baked or boiled eggs with some veggies! I cannot brag about eggs for breakfast enough, they are just perfect, quick and really easy meal 🥘
Ashley Y.
I love avocado toast with an egg/scrambled eggs on top with some pepper. Even some store bought low sugar oatmeal that you can quickly heat up in the microwave good. If you want homemade, the night before put some oats mixed with milk and bananas in a bowl and throw it in the microwave in the morning for instant oatmeal.
Leonara I.
It's easy to make porridge in the eating bowl. This saves in cleaning up.
One half cup of porridge to one full cup of milk. Add any berries or bananna to suit your taste.
It takes around 2 – 4 mins to microwave depending on your preference for texture as well as size of cup being used.
Its delicious, involving minimum cleaning and preparation.
Elizabeth T.
There are many hot and fast foods to enjoy, omletes and a classic breakfast with sausage and bacon is a common meal. You can also make yourself sandwiches in the toaster, microwave, or on the stove
Justine S.
Porridge. I get those 2-min sachets of porridge. Just add milk, pop in the microwave. Done. Add some banana, chia seeds and some honey for a hearty breakfast.
Daniel I.
Try to go with eggs. You can make American style scrambled eggs with just eggs and butter. You can toast some bread in a spare skillet. There are many recipes, huge variety of taste and texture. Try eggs in purgatory 🙂

You can go with porridges like oatmeal, rice, whatever. Just one dish, maybe a plate.

Keeping stuff cut to assemble a quick sandwich will also help you. Doubles as a salad if you want to. Warm it up, serve it as is, whatever floats your boat.

Also, having chicken stock helps enormously.

Have som fruits like apples or whatever. Learn to make good pancakes, you can stuff them with whatever.

Crystal P.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, when you eat a meal with alot of proteins, vitimins ect. Your body is going to feed of , of all of them. Remember this dosent happen with the luch or dinner so be smart about it
Timothee Z.
Egg and toast is a great hot option breakfast. All you need is 2 slices of wholemeal bread, put it in a toaster and then for your eggs, just two free-range eggs you can put on top of your toast which can be either fried or scrambled, and you're ready to go!
Jacob Z.
Do a cooked breakfast in a slow cooker, then it's one dish, and cut all fat off bacon and use healthy sausages rather than normal fatty ones, go for chicken ones or vegetarian ones
Ali O.
Toast with a fried egg and avocado! If you make bacon early in the week, you can heat that and add it to the toast. In the end, you'll just use one little pan for your egg, plus whatever dish you eat off of/with.
Heather N.
What about breakfasts that you can make-ahead and freeze, then warm up in the morning? Think: breakfast burrito, French toast casserole sliced into portions, or pancakes / waffles warmed up in the toaster.