How do you know how much to eat for breakfast?

Maureen T.
I started with a small portion as I would usually skip breakfast. However I am now hungry for breakfast after just a couple of days so I am going to increase. I have been having a boiled egg. I am looking to add a second egg or piece if fruit.
Zofia X.
I just try to use good judgement… Enough to keep me full until almost lunch time. Sometimes I have a healthy snack mid-morning. I want to feel comfortably full but not stuffed, and not starving by noon. I've found that a combination of fruit, whole grains, and protein works well for me.
Gitta T.
One thing that was important to eating better was actually getting to the point of feeling hunger. The habit of eating breakfast is important, but so is feeling and satisfying hunger. If I don't feel hunger, I'll have Bulletproof Coffee and a single egg. If I feel hunger, I'll add whole grain toast or a piece of fruit, all the while gauging hunger. The other key is giving yourself permission to stop when there is still food "left to eat." Let that go; save it for a mid-morning snack or breakfast tomorrow.
Henrike F.
For me, what matters is that I feel full but also enjoy what I'm eating. One of my favorite breakfasts is toast with peanut butter and vanilla yogurt with various fruit. Add some orange juice and eggs and I'm setting myself up for a good day, but it's also time and effort efficient. Maximizing time and effort to get the best results is always something I respect and try to do myself. 😊
Livio Y.
I either eat the serving size or , if a make a homemade frittata, I just eyeball the portion and add a half of avocado. I allow my breakfast biggest meal..
Stacey Z.
I choose to eat enough to get me through tomlunch as I will often be hungry sooner if I eat a small breakfast. As long as he content of the food is nutritious I don’t often feel like I overeat
Brandy T.
on days that i know i will be more active, i have a larger breakfast. i don’t worry too much about having too much, because if i do i simply wont be as hungry at lunch and will eat less then or at supper. i have a fast metabolism so the bigger the better, especially when i have morning practices for rugby!
Lia E.
I usually look at how full my plate appears as a quick indicator. It should allow for each type of food to have its own space, low level and not heaping. I usually order half-servings so I can enjoy a variety. I try to include fruit, protein and carbs. I do need coffee, though. 😊
Ma Ly N.
Everyone is different when it comes to breakfast; not just in the foods they want to eat but in how hungry they are to start with. There are some things that having little appetite in the morning can tell you about your health. 1) you might be a body type that doesn’t require breakfast… better to stick to brunch and that’s okay! 2) you might have pyrroles disorder if you also have nightmares, mood problems and sensory issues. 3) your liver and digestion might be sluggish. Either way, eat what feels comfortable. If you’re not hungry, still make sure you consume some sort of food before 10am to keep your adrenals happy. If you don’t have an appetite, go for a smoothie or juice.
Boavida Q.
It's best to have a little bit at a time. Eat some food, drink some water, wait 10 minutes. If you are still hungry repeat. Dont repeat more than 2 times.
Shawn U.
I know I must eat grains, a protein and some fruits or vegetables in one serving. By following this rule I feel full and know I don't have to eat a buffet to be ok until lunch. It also depends if you want to lose or gain weight. I want to lose weight so I eat a big portion of fruits like bananas, berries or mangoes or vegetables like cherry tomatoes or cucumbers, one small portion of grains like oatmeal or one slice of whole grain bread and a protein, either a boiled or fried egg or a spoon of peanut butter. You have to first find out what do you want to about your weight. If you want to gain weight then eat more grains at least two portions and two proteins. This way you will know how much is enough and play with your ingredients change them up so you don't get bored.
Debra O.
I know how much fills me up and keeps me going until lunch. If you're eating healthily, you can have a good amount. For example I usually have a large slice of toasted sourdough bread with two poached eggs or a large bowl of porridge topped with fruit, seeds or a nut butter
Zoe O.
In order to know how much food is good for me. I started taking notes of how did I feel when I finished every meal and how much food did I eat. Then I started calibrating the amount of food.
It might sound crazy or difficult, but it's super practical.
Lucas T.
I have always prepared my breakfast with some type of protein and fruit and possibly whole grain. This helps to give me the energy I need plus keeps me full longer.
Lukas E.
I use small proportions with ingredients of high nutritional values. e.g. 2 bread slices with pure peanut butter or tahini with honey or small bowl of quaker with fruits and almond milk
Signe C.
I listen to my body. It is not a perfect science. But I am not starving in the morning so those extreme hunger signals don’t have a chance to confuse me into feeling like I need of desire to eat more than I need to
Lilly C.
I wake up early and ready for the day. I thought you would like to eat cereal and milk and eggs for breakfast and then some time I eat mixed fruit in little containers from the store
Garance P.
I listen to what my body is telling me and nourish it accordingly. Sometimes that is a huge full English breakfast and sometimes it’s a cereal bar.
Signe P.
Until the hunger is sated but never full. I find 2 eggs or a pizza sized slice of frittata and 1-2 kiwis to be just right. Followed by green tea.
Colin S.
I eat a protein a whole grain and fruit. If I eat heavy things to fulfill the above I eat small portions. If I eat things that aren't so great I eat really small portions. I always through part of the bad stuff away because its fast food or cafeteria breakfast at work. If it's say a hard boiled egg nuts fruit cheese a light on the go version I eat hefty portions. Breakfast is my main meal. I eat until I'm slightly full hunger goes away then I stop. I never feel good if I eat until I'm stuffed.
Aziz Z.
If you have never eaten breakfast before, start small! If you go from nothing to pancakes, eggs and bacon in the morning, you will end up feeling extremely sick. I think a good breakfast depends on what you can stomach in the morning without feeling queasy. Even just a banana or another fruit can be your great breakfast if that’s what you are able to handle. I know friends that just can’t handle eating more than that, but try to eating fruits to start with and see how you feel. Good luck!
Same O.
I have two eggs, with variety of how I cook them or what I season or spice them with. I have a 20 oz coffee with 1 T of MCT oil, 2T of lactose free/sugar free creamer and 1T Splenda. My coffee is my splurge and motivation to start the day!
Kathryn P.
Currently I am on a 180 grams of carbs per day diet. For each meal I eat about 60 grams of carbs to maintain my weight.
Alexis Q.
It's not about how much, but rather what. A balanced breakfast is a great way to start the day. For example, I have a serving of oatmeal every morning. My portion used to be larger but as time went on it got smaller. You want to sate your hunger, not stuff yourself. So I would eat slow and stop when you're no longer feeling hungry. And drink at least one glass of water while you eat.
Eric G.
I count. I need 1600 kcal per Day to loose weight. 500 ofta them before lunch. Usually 2-300 for breakfast and The rest for a snack a bit later
Yann S.
Try some app like MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake, it also shows how much protein or carbs or fat you had and you should have.
Try to include eggs without yolk or oats but in moderation. I prepare oats soup of 1/4 cup or 2 eggs or 1/2 cup Kellogg’s or fruits. Change your breakfast every day so that you don’t get bored.
Lesa O.
I don't I just eat whatever I'm in the mood for. but I usually have cereal or a sandwich for breakfast. Unless I'm out to school then I eat something else.
Elisah P.
I don’t know how much to eat. I don’t like eating breakfast, but I’ve been trying the past two days. I feel extremely full afterwards. I want to have energy, but I’m not used to eating breakfast and it feels like I’mgoing against what my body is telling me to do.
Abby F.
I like to eat a protein bar for breakfast everyday. It is fast and keeps me full until noon. If I run out, I eat a low sugar yogurt instead. That also keeps me full until noon.
Mads U.
In the morning I’m not feeling too much hungry, son I eat a protein, small one, like an egg or a slide of jam and / or a banana and an apple with a little of honey and granola
Carter E.
As a high school kid, many mornings are fast-paced. I tend to make a protein shake the night prior, and then drink it on my way to school. If not, then a protein bar gets it done. Both items have around 20 grams of protein, which works for 5-6 hours pretty well. Really, I base my breakfast amount on if it’ll last until my lunch time, and how much protein I need to make it.
Jacob E.
I decide what I am having as I drink my first cup of coffe, but basically, I am choosing between 4 preset meals. I selected the four that worked best at keeping me satisfied until lunchtime. The four meals I choose from are: a hard boiled egg with a little mayo on a slice of whole wheat; a serving of oatmeal with slivered almonds and fresh fruit; Icelandic or Greek yogurt with copped nuts and 1/4 cup granola; or I egg over easy with 1 slice of whole wheat toast and butter
Aaron I.
Personally I eat some fruit, a drink (like tea or milk) and few pieces of bread. Sometimes i replace one of those and eat a bowl of cereal with some yogurt. Don’t like to feel to heavy eating too much. Good luck!
Mathias E.
Hi there, I’ve asked myself that question numerous times. I actually don’t know. I tend to eat always the same thing without thinking too much of calorie intake. Sorry for not being more helpful.
Mads Z.
You should eat proteins, and if you're not hungry, than have a few small meals. If you are hungry, make sure to eat light but nutritious (e.g. 1 bowl of oatmeal, or an egg in whole-grain-bread)
Ka S Q.
Experience! I tend to choose something with oats. Today I made a healthy shake and I knew that about 200ml milk, banana and few nuts would fill me up
Anna W.
I just eat as much as I’m hungry for. If I’m not hungry at all, I usually try to have some berries and maybe an egg to get something in me.
Raymond F.
Less is more. One egg one banana one avocado, one string cheese. It is easy because it’s one. I try to have 1/4 cup of yogurt and that means 4 big spoonfuls to me.
Marie X.
I am living on a reduced carb/low carb/hard carb diet. My breakfast is usually:
1/2 c whole milk Greek yogurt
1/2 c blueberries (fresh or frozen)
A few raspberries or strawberries
2 tbs ground flaxseed
Maeve A.
Eat until you are satisfied. Which means eating slower. Chewing each bite more. Putting your fork down between bites. Take your time. I think it takes about 20 minutes for the brain and stomach to connect and let you know you are full. So don’t rush through breakfast. Enjoy it and make sure it’s nutritionally balanced.