I’m not a breakfast eater as I do intermittent fasting. Why should I change?

Eggert E.
You shouldn’t have to! Even though it is did by millions that breakfast is the most important mean of the day— it really isn’t! Set a time to fast within the times you usually get hungry. For me I do a 16:8 fast between 12am to
Ingo P.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This meal helps maintain your focus and energy throughout the day. If you prefer to skip meals, or want to lose weight, I suggest snacking lightly throughout the day. You're not consuming more food as you snack (healthily: fruits, vegetables, and nuts), but introducing more nutrition into your body to consume. This will also help speed your metabolism as well. Snack lightly throughout the day, and if anything, eat a full dinner meal at the end of the day to hold you through the night.

I hope these suggestions help you consider your options ☺️. Good luck!

Maya O.
Becaus intermittent fasting is not an healthy way to lose wait. If you want to lose wait you should eat more healthy, that does not mean eat less. Drink enough water, eat your vegetables and fruits and exercise. If you are hungry, you can eat but eat something healthy, that will give you energy and make you less hungry! But the most important thing is do something that feels right for you! This is how I feel it, if you like intermittent fasting, keep doing it! Only you can make yourself a better version of you! Good luck! ❤️
Dominik U.
Just take a slight food that you think you can take it. After that, you can add up a little bit amount of your breakfast every day. Don't rush or you will feel that it burdens you, just take it slowly until you feel more comfortable to take a breakfast. Just make sure that you not avoid breakfast. Breakfast is important in you daily routine. Good luck! Do your best!