I need easy, fast, high protein breakfast ideas for a teen.

Catrina P.
If they like eggs you could make Egg Muffin cups with a variety of additions like cheese, veggies, and meat. You make them in small cupcake pans and you can freeze them and pop them in the microwave in the go.

Protein shakes are simple and on the go and you can purchase unflavored protein (I tried Isopure from Amazon) to put in smoothies.

You could try protein boxes. Usually a mix of boiled eggs, nuts, fruit, and cheese.

Ella Y.
Greek Yogurt is a simple and easy source of protein! There aren't any steps needed to prepare it other than a bowl (unless it is already in packaged cups).

Steer away from flavored Greek Yogurt, as those tend to have added sugars and other unnecessary addictives. Honey, jams, and fruits easily remedy this issue as well as give you more nutritional control over your sugar intake!

Add granola for a boost of carbs and crunch. Nuts as well as peanut or sunflower butter add even more protein and healthy fats to the breakfast!

Greek Yogurt also does well in making smoothies and smoothie bowls! And, if you and your teen are comfortable, adding Greek Yogurt to protein shakes is another perfect boost! Grinding up old fashioned oats into a fine powder and adding them to the shake helps keep you full and offers a boost of carbs!

Breakfast can be simple and delicious! Greek Yogurt is one way to get there!

Alberte P.
the protein breakfasts that I would recommend are definitely banana pancakes, porridge with all its varieties, protein shakes…etc.