What is a delicious, filling, healthy breakfast that does well being prepared in advance?

Aize V.
Protein pancakes. Use protein powder, egg whites or whole eggs, banana, oatmeal (if you like it), and water (milk for extra calories. Fry and save remainder in fridge or freezer.
Daniela Z.
Oats with a fruit of choice, I personally like banana and almond butter. I also eat it with some nuts. Zit is both filling and healthy
Nouran R.
Hey! I would say that oats or eggs (cooked in the way you accept most) is the most nutritious of all. I currently don't get oats because where I live doesn't really have a discount on it, but they really are good, I promise. Also eggs are great because you would start your day with some protein so that is an amazing way to start the day and you can put or eat with it avocado/green onion/carrot/cucumber etc. Hope you have a yummy and nutritious breakfast ♡!
Csenge F.
I usually have oatmeal as breakfast. I smash a ripe banana for sweetness, add oats, frozen berries and hot water and cook it about 6-8 minutes. Than I add whatever fruit I have at home and done. 😊
Christoffer B.
Overnight oats is my go to when I want a breakfast ready for the following day. The options on what to add into it is endless! Just pop it in the fridge the night before and you’re good to go. That, and a nice brewed coffee will set me up for the day.
Liam E.
Scrambled Eggs with Veggie.
Chop some veggies to your liking a night before and put a pan out.
In morning warm up a table spoon oil in the pan on medium heat and put your veggies in, season and lightly spice with paprika or cayenne. (Tip: put the kettle and toaster on while the oil heats up).
Meanwhile break couple of eggs in the pan. Fold and mix the egg with veggies.
Plate up. Breakfast is served. It should take approx 10 minutes in the morning
Rusara W.
I love to prepare overnight oatmeal with fruits and flaxseeds. So that I am planned ahead of my breakfast 🥞 saving my time in the morning. Healthy and nutritious.
Alyssia Z.
Porridge, you can measure the milk out ready for the morning to pour into the bowl that you are going to use, chop some fruit that you want to put either in or on top of your porridge.
Tristan Z.
I love a breakfast that's complete. Fruits, vegetables and a hot tea or coffee. I like to have my breakfast slow as I contemplate on how my day will be.
Ingrid Z.
Salad. It's easy full of vitamins and if you add eggs to it, it will be even better. Some vegan chicken for flavour and it is easy to bring with you for lunch. It doesn't get boring because you can change what you add to it and be creative.
Mareike S.
my favorite breakfast is eggs or sausage with toast and jelly or a bagel and cream cheese. it makes me full and it’s very easy to make
Danielle F.
Dinner leftovers (because breakfast doesnt always have to be breakfast food). Overnight oats work well (and you can customize them as much as you want). A tub of pre-cut fruit, along with some nuts or grains.
Louis C.
I like to prepare overnight oats, mixing the oats and fat free plain yoghurt then deciding which fruit to add. Sometimes a little pot of frozen berries defrosting separately next to the oats, or a fresh banana from the fruit bowl to slice and add the following morning. Either way, it's great knowing I have a breakfast I enjoy waiting for me!
Shauna C.
Smoothies, shakes, oats, breakfast sandwiches that can be microwaved. Or a banana,apple, and mixed nuts work if you didn't prepare anything.
Ethan T.
bread with some healthy toppings can go a long way. If you don't want it to get soggy, prepare and cut it all seperately and just put it on later!