What are some quick breakfasts you have in the morning?

Sansaray J.
Avocado on toast or apples. We also enjoy peanut butter on apples. Smoothies with protein powder (lately brown rice or pea protein). Oats with dates or figs, sometimes adding walnuts and rice milk.

C I.
A protein smoothie is my go-to. But a high-fiber cereal with almond milk, a banana + soy yogurt, or a CLIF bar with a piece of fruit are also good, nutritious and quick options.

Claudette O.
This morning I had a mix of fruit & berries w/a handful of nuts. Also 8oz water before & after the fruit/berries/nuts mix.

Sreelakshmi X.
Healthy smoothies with oats fruits and dairy products.
Or yogurt with banana and sesame seed, chia seeds and honey.
A handful of nuts and milk

Lindamar O.
Overnight oats! You can make them the night before and there are many variations.
Mix of Greek yoghurt and canned pumpkin (unsweetened). I mix in a 2:1 ratio. You can add in a few nuts or a dash of honey too. I also add cinnamon and nutmeg if I am feeling decadent.