What are your favorite breakfast ideas on the go and when you have time? I love cooking some over medium eggs and serving with cheese and some avocado.

Amadis Ferreira
I like to boil several eggs on Sunday and grab one in the morning with some fruit or a protein shake. Quick, easy, and low fat.

Soham Kennedy
I usually do a protein shake ready made or through some stuff in the blender. Green tea every morning. I would like to get up early enough to make items like eggs. I can’t seem to get away from the snooze button. After walking the dog, I don’t have time to cook.

Cory Newman
when i have a little time one of my favourite things to make is a breakfast sandwich kinda thing. i make it with a toasted bagel, a cooked egg, mayonnaise and mozzarella. when i’m on the go i usually make toast with butter and have a piece of fruit on the side

April Jones
I love scrambled eggs over rice, and lately I’ve been trying to add miso soup to it. I’m not good at making it yet though. For a quick meal on the go I make a green drink with spinach, cucumber, peach, pear, and apples. It’s easy and can be taken with me. I’ll add a handful of nuts on the side if I’m extra hungry.

Susan Oliver
Yum! That sounds delicious. A friend just gave me the following recipe for breakfast:
Toasted exequias bread
Pepper to taste

Lucie Moreau
I like to have oatmeal (old fashioned oats) with stivia to sweeten it and a little bit of cinnamon. I also like putting berries in my oatmeal, typically blueberries

Firmino Da cruz
I like nut butters for a quick meal. Peanut, cashew or almond. On a banana is good too, if I have one or have the time.

Sofia Jensen
When I have time, I like over easy eggs on toast with grilled tomatoes. When I am in a rush I usually have kefir with muesli and frozen blueberries.

Darrell Hamilton
I like a couple of scrambled eggs with a splash of plant milk and cheese with parsley. A side of fruit and water with prebiotics and probiotics added.

Areta Santos
I've never been a fan of oatmeal… and this was the second challenge on my journey… so, I decided to switch it up.. instead of traditional add water to oats and pop it in the microwave, I decided to grind the oats and nuts in my ninja and add it into a smooth! Just add almond milk ice and your favorite fruit! Great tasting smoothy!!!

Katherine Fields
Greek yogurt, frozen berries and chia seeds for a quick breakfast. I like roasted potatoes, bacon, a scramble, the whole deal when I have more time.

Semra Heizmann
I usually struggle with breakfast. I’m not a fan of cereal and I just don’t have time to cook something as well as getting the children ready for school etc. I mix an Arbonne chocolate protein powder with coconut milk, almond butter, cacao nibs and some raw cacao powder with chia and flax seeds for a filling shake that I can drink on the go. For more info go to www.alexwood.arbonne.com

Lisa Colin
I like oats and fruit if I'm short on time but if I've got time to cook then I like scrambled tofu with spinach and sweet corn. Preferably with a couple of hash browns on the side!

Lísia Das neves
Yogurt, whole wheat and fruits, oeuf en cocote, keffir, flaxseed, honey, ground turmetic and mango smoothie, green juice, carrot, beetroot and orange juice,

Dean Fernandez
Before work an apple and some peanutbutter is the perfect breakfast, it's fast and keeps me full and energized. On the weekend I scrambled eggs and chicken.

Sabrina Welzel
Unfortunately i dont have enough time to prepare breakfast. So i am generaly preparing quick and healthy menu in breakfast. Rolled oats with fruits, seeds and two boiled eggs.

Edilene Nascimento
I'm actually not a huge breakfast eater but I do make myself a superfood shake with almond milk and add some mct oil to it. Keeps me full for a few hours.

Yann Henry
I like a breakfast bowl over spinach with scrambled egg, cheese, turkey sausage, and hashbrowns. It’s easy enough to prepare and portion beforehand, and it’s even better if you throw in some peppers!

Andrei Dietz
I love eating cereal that has little Choco chips in it! But normally I tend to eat just some toast with honey on top and some breakfast tea! And you know what both those ideas are pretty simple but the get you ready for the day!

Martin Lambert
I try and make carrot juice the night before and keep it chilled. Maybe some cold meat or a pie if I have a long day ahead of me.

Yogurt and fruit is always good.

More often than not, I’ll have leftovers from the night before, so I can start the day on a solid healthy heal.

And always orange juice!

Johann Russ
I love a fruit and some tea. I'll peel a couple, slice it up and it doesn't require real cooking in the morning. It also helps me get to my daily intake everyday.

Karl-otto Frost
I love oats in the morning, its quick easy and you can top it however you like. I love adding fruits, peanut butter and cinnamon to my oats.

Dawn Freeman
When I have time I make healthy 100 Cal oat muffins (made of banana, oats, yogurt, almond milk) that I like to eat with my eggs. I also like swapping flavor pairings. So I'll have eggs with cheddar and pair with a Pink Lady Apple. In a rush I'm all about a quick smoothie. If I have fruit or kale that might go bad in a few days, I save them in ziplocs in the freezer and use them as smoothie packs for later. Saves money, waste, and is convenient on crazy days.

Willard Howell
Porridge with chia linseed and peanut butter. Also beans on toast though, or a lovely vegan omelette if you want a real treat.

Ezio Guillaume
I usually only make eggs! lol. Otherwise omelets too. My boyfriend can make a really good breakfast pizza, but it’s got tons of carbs! Lol

Frederick Rodriquez
If I don't have time I make a bowl of cereal and eat it while I drink my coffee. If I do have time, I will have some eggs or toast or pancakes

Denise Frazier
On the go I’d say a protein shake, smoothie or just grab a fruit if I’m in a hurry.

If I have time I enjoy making a tasty omelette or scrambled eggs served with avocado and tomato salad.

Joseph Spencer
Shakshuka is one of my favorite dishes, and though it's quote a bit more involved it's SO worth it. I will also bake walnut bread so that any sauce left doesn't gp to waste

Andreas Sørensen
For breakfast, I love eating an omelette with green onions inside. I have it with vegetables and bread with cheese. I sometimes eat fruits as well.

Johnni Hunter
Fastest way to make breakfast is to create a sumptuous sandwich. I normally make spanish sardines into a patê and use it as a spread. When I have time, I love the idea of typical Filipino breakfast- fried garlic rice, cured pork/marinated beef, with fresh tomatoes and salted egg.

Suzana Moura
On the go…. peanut butter on whole wheat toast. When I have time… oatmeal with walnuts, chia seeds, raisins, bananas, coconut.

Elvino Barbosa
I like making scrambled eggs w extra cheese and cut up deli meat. Also almonds and yogurt taste good together in a pinch.