I miss my sugary granola in the morning. What can I eat instead?

Kristin Z.
Use a bit of honey if you want sweetness, but berries and fruit is also a good replacement. There's sugar in fruit and berries but the calories are less
Chrystal W.
Get some plain instant oat. Add in pumpkin pie spice, turmeric, dash of salt (I use pink salt), psyllium husk powder (naturally helps with digestion), ground flax, a little sweetener (I use monk fruit sweetener) hemp seed, golden raisons and unsweetened almond milk (or any milk). Cook for a minute and then stir in shelled sunflower seeds. Add more milk and stir if its too thick. I like my oats creamy. Almond milk is low in calories and adds a great nutty flavour to the oats.
Saki G.
How about toasted oats with rasins. Really easy to make a big batch! I also make my own granola with less sugar and using egg white for binding. Still satisfying and crunchy but not as bad for you.
Christian N.
If you really need something sugary (you dont 😉 ), try to opt for 70%+ real fruit marmelade on whole corn bread, fresh fruit (like an apple) and nuts with raisins, for example. You can also have something more spicy and satiating, such as eggs with legumes, produce and green veggies, and have one of the above as a sweet after-snack. (Or all of the above, as for example in celebration of having successfully conpleted a fabolous challenge, attained the golden triangle for 7 days in a row, …)
Judy P.
There are a couple of options that can replace that! If you have time and supplies you could make your own granola using oats, nuts, seeds and some natural sweetener like agave syrup or even a tiny bit or honey or maple syrup! If that’s not a good alternative for you, oatmeal is another good option! Just cook your oats, add some nuts or seeds, some fruit, a sprinkle of cinnamon if that’s something you like!
Mocinha Z.
I used to eat sugary cereals and granolas, but then I moved to oat instant porridge. It is ready in 2 minutes in microwave and there are different flavours to start with (they also contain sugar, but not as much as granola), gradually you can move to original, plain one, and customise it with sliced fruits or berries, nuts or seeds. It is healthier and much more lasting before your next craving.
Teresita Z.
I can recommend rice cakes with honey and chia. Maybe some Greek yogurt with a homemade granola (you can use oatmeal, nuts and some dried fruit, but skip the honey)
Linda X.
I've been trying plain greek yogurt and that has been working well. Sometimes I will do boiled eggs, quick and easy and delicious!
Nanna A.
It's better to eat natural porridge with dairy free yogurt(or milk) with fresh fruits. Also I can use peanut butter instead of yogurt. It will give me more energy and I will stay full for longer time.
Ana S E.
I know the feeling! I am a type 2, chocolate loving
Diabetic. Try having fruit and nuts instead. This will satisfy your want of crunch and sweet while giving you extra protein (depending on the nut) and fiber from the fruit. I also throw in a hard boiled egg for more protein as it keeps me fuller longer. The key is in the prep. I have 2 egg cartons in my fridge, one with hard boiled eggs and the other with uncooked eggs. This way I can eat an egg quickly before I excersize, go grocery shopping or get the munchies. Hope this helps!
Audrey W.
Change it up for some Bircher museli with gluten free oats, agave syrup from Holland and Barrett , fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt and apply juice. Just pop it in the fridge overnight!
Alternatively, have something luxurious like protein pancakes with fresh fruit and coconut yoghurt ☺️
Analide E.
Fresh fruit like a banana or berries. They're still sweet and berries have a nice crunch to them. I think I'd rather eat something with more protein like an egg so it will keep me fuller longer.
Melissa T.
Seek out low sugar options, try seeking out options at health food stores or bulk options. Additionally you can use high fibre brands of cereals which are often low sugar.
Sander C.
Well, a good substitute for the sugary granola is a bowl of yoghurt with tons of super seeds and berries, some oats, chopped fruits and honey!
Cireneu Q.
Oranges have high natural sugars. Cheerios or equivalent cereal are a good source of many essential daily vitamins and minerals, fiber, whole grains and carbs for energy and healthy nutrition. Avoid things with "Added" sugars.