Ideas about a fast breakfast for a busy day?

Thibault Y.
You can prepare sandwiches the evening before. Another fast one is eating an apple and yogurt with muesli. Tea or water can be prepared faster than coffee

Patience N.
I usually take scramble eggs in the morning but I guess it takes sometime. So if you’re really rushed i think a cereal bar, an apple will do because you can eat it on your way to work 🙂

Andrea C.
For me person I like to use things that I know are always available in my pantry. For example I know there is alway ingredients to make a small bowl of yogurt with things like yogurt (ofc), raisins, coconut shreads, honey and so on

Edelina Q.
I would suggest a cup of coffee and some toasts. The toasts can have whatever you prefer, but I would probably recomend some olive oil, a boiled egg and a pinch of salt. However, if you're more into sweets, maybe some peanut butter and banana would be great!

Belis Rio A.
Keep cooked quinoa in the fridge for the weekdays and prepare a jar with mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, chia, linseed) ready to go to sprinkle on top. Warm a portion of quinoa with almond milk, add chopped banana, peanut butter and top with seeds.

Thea R.
Fruit, oats, yoghurt and honey make a great breakfast, and can even be made the night before and left in the fridge to save time

Miriam U.
Avocado toast sprinkled with chia seeds and drizzled with raw honey is quick but filling. I also pair this with an orange or a pear, and drink a glass of juice to wash it down. Breakfast complete!

Joe F.
Greek yoghurt with some fruit like banana, blueberry, raspberry. Adding in some nuts or mixed seeds (walnuts, almonds, pumpkins seeds are all great)

Try to pay attention to ingredients and look for options that don’t have added sugar. Things with healthy fats like nuts and avocado are good. Things coated in added white sugar like lots of cereals are bad and won’t start you off well for the day.

Fanny P.
Choosing and Eating the right set of nutritious food helps stay focused for a longer time rather than an unhealthy meal or a skipped meal

Celal O.
Peanutbutter sandwich and fruit gets you a perfect combination of slow and fast carbs, healthy fats and protein to start the day. 5 minutes to prepare if not less.

Brianna P.
Usually I will have a banana with some almond butter(which looks like peanut butter) ,it's so delicious and gets me through until I have a snack.

Tilde A.
As we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we can make the following fast breakfasts to start the day:
1. Keep bananas as part of the breakfast. Add a cup of yogurt and water in mixer and make a drink. You can add nuts to this. Alongwith some bread, this can be really fast breakfast. You can and should change the fruits daily.
2. Omelette is a great breakfast and is a rapid and delicious one. For drink, you can make milkshake of fruits.
3. Take some chapaties and make egg rolls. It's super fast.

Rose O.
I usually have bread with butter and jam if I'm on the go.
If I really don't have time and my school bus is right outside my door, I will take a protein or fruitbar(s) which are delicious yet healthy.
Sometimes, I will also take fruits such as berries, apples, and oranges. I recommend any fruit with Vitamin C the most as it is the perfect mineral to wake you up and get energy!
Speaking of Vitamin C, juices can also be a substitude. Orange juice, apple juice, or simply water (I like to put lemon) will put you on the go!