Tell me how to have a healthy and fit breakfast.

Wilma A.
Have a nutritionally balanced meal, something like oatmeal with banana slices. Have a main source of carbs and protein plus a fruit!
Janice J.
An healthy breakfast shoul contain all macros in the right proportion.
The food should be the less processed as possibile and avoid added sugars.
Amanda C.
In breakfast we eat lots of vegetable ,fruit , sprouts, and so on this food boost our energy level and make our everyday happy
Sophi Z.
First rule is to pick how you are feeling and what you are hungry for. If you are feeling cereal then eat cereal, but skip the ones that are sugary, go for one that is better of maybe oatmeal. Second rule is to add fruit, if you aren’t feeling too crazy just add a banana and mix it in the cereal. But over time try different fruits with your base and maybe even one day ditch the base and make a fruit salad.
Connie O.
First of all cut sugar out for good, try and limit coffee intake, try adding plant 🌿 milkshakes into your diet and more fruit.