Do you have suggestions for really quick, but healthy and pleasant breakfast options?

Amadis A.
Chopped banana with mixed seeds & date syrup is really simple but tasty!

Special K Nourish with almond milk.

Scrambled egg and seedy or whole meal bread.

Make a shake by blending frozen banana, almond or hazelnut milk, mixed fruit & honey the night before – keep in the fridge & drink on the go!

Gavin Z.
I like boiled eggs and green juices, I make sure my blender is clean every morning and I start boiling the eggs while preparing the green juice. I buy orange juice already squeezed, so just add the green (cucumber, spinach, carrot), when ready drink it wash the blender immediately, and the eggs might be ready then. Add some lime, and that's it.
Jacob G.
I cut an apple in small pieces and sprinkle cinnamon on top of it. I eat the pieces slowly. I also eat cereal with yogurt. And avocado toast with eggs.
Adrualdo N.
Porridge, eggs or plain yoghurt with fruit
Sophie T.
Get a small Mason jar and fill it with oats, yogurt, and fruit the night before, then just stick it in the fridge overnight. If you have a hard time eating solids in the morning (like I do) you can also prepare a smoothie the night before by putting the stuff you want in it in the blender and keeping it in the fridge, so all you have to do the next morning is blend it together. Basically anything you can prepare the night before and then immediately eat/make the next morning tend to make the best breakfast options for me
Darrell G.
It dependes how much time you want to spend. Add milk ti Oatmeal (plain) in a bowl, microwave it for 2 min, add honey to it. Eat couple slices of avocado. Eat feta cheese and walnuts. If you have got a rapid water boiler, such as a high power electric kettle, making boiled eggs won't take more than 15min.
Joy O.
I personally love overnight oats, but if you prefer something with a bit more chrunch or texture, go for a sandwich with great bread! You can prepare both in advance in under five minutes in the evening.
Astrid Z.
Honestly, are usually just get a sausage burrito from McDonald’s. It has all the protein I need from the eggs to keep me full and give me energy and not a lot of fat. Andt as far as bread wise either with the tortilla. And it taste good 🙂
Titouan S.
I have only eaten eggs, toast and an apple for the past 2 days of a healthy breakfasts. What I would have ready in days I have no time to cook, I have trail mix made with raw peanuts and almonds, golden raisins, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and dried cherries. A handful will assuage hunger pangs.
Abby T.
I love making a parfait of sorts in the morning. I use plain 0-fat greek yogurt (Oikos) and then top it with fruit. I usually pre-slice strawberries at the beginning of the week so I can just quickly throw them on top, then I add blueberries and some Nature Valley protein granola. It's very filling and easy to make!
Maxwell J.
Yeah! Bananna, peanut butter on brown toast! Vit c drink. Also most of the time i would put on two boiled eggs whilst I'm making my lunch or doing something else, as the egga will take ten to fifteen minutes, so i can multi task….. Mainly by preparing something healthy for lunch or a smoothie for my elevens.
Leonard O.
I know for a lot of people there are breakfast bars and the like that you can pack in your bag for the day and go. I’m always a fan of making my breakfast the night before, usually just an egg sandwich. It doesn’t take me long to cook it and it stores well overnight so I don’t have to worry about it the next morning.
Catherine P.
Any of these can be prepared the night before and eaten cold, or quickly heated up in the microwave:
Cottage or ricotta cheese with fruit mixed in.
Precooked sausage, mini cheese stick, and half an avocado.
Breakfast smoothie thickened with protein powder instead of ice (overnight in the fridge helps the powder smooth in).
Make ahead baked or slow cooker oatmeal with fruit and nuts to taste, then divide into muffin tins and freeze. When ready to eat, take out two pucks to heat up in a bowl and add a little milk if desired.
Andrea P.
Hi, if you have a blender you can buy a protein shake or a meal replacement shake, chop up some fruits, a teaspoon of peanutbutter, 4 ice cubes and 250ml of lactose free milk…. put everything in a blender and off you go….. it takes me less than 10min to make my shake each morning….

Hope i helped a bit

Camila C.
I like a pot of porridge to go from my favourite breakfast place. It is warm and comforting in winter, made of oats which burn slow and give me energy, and I have it with fruit and honey. Delicious!
Elijah J.
It's all in the planning! I use my own home made oat 'bread' for this suggestion. As part of my night routine I consider what I'm too have for breakfast the next morning; one of the considerations will be the amount of time I'll have. So, time is short but I still insist on having a tasty and nutritious meal. I crush an avocado, add seasoning, a little lime juice (prevents oxidisation) and a dribble of chilly oil. I place this on two slices of oat 'bread' and over this drape a few slices of smoked Sockeye Salmon. Cover with cling film and place in fridge. This plate of sublime deliciousness awaits you the next morning and the day is off to a flying start.
Drago X.
1. A good probiotic drink with peanut butter toast and a banana
2. Cheese, fruit, and whole grain toast
3. Oatmeal with diced cooked apples, craisins, dates, and chopped pecans — served with honey and butter. Kind of a connec muesli
4. Egg salad sandwich and fruit and/or veggies in the side.