How many eggs a day is healthy for an average person a day. I mean eggs with egg whites and yellow

Marissa Y.
Trick question? How many can you eat in a day? Google says 3 for a healthy diet but if you’re active enough I think that can be more than that.
Meredith Y.
Dietary cholesterol actually doesn't have as much to do with blood cholesterol as we originally thought, at least in the vast majority of people. Don't worry about eggs too much. They are a great source of lean protein! It all depends on your goals as well as the rest of your diet, but up to four eggs is probably fine. If you have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol make sure to ask a doctor or optimally a registered dietitian.
– Fabulous user with a B.S. in nutrition & human dietetics
Aysel F.
I believe up to 3 whole eggs a day is a good amount. Some people still believe that eggs can increase your LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), but in increases in LDL are actually much more of a genetic trait than a trai influenced by your diet. In fact, eggs can increase your HDL (the “good” cholesterol). I generally eat at least one egg during my breakfast.
Od Lia F.
Everything in moderation. Some people say 1 egg a day is alright, others say that's too much. It depends on the person at the end of the day and what they need to stay healthy.
Rebecca O.
Three would be a good amount, for eggs consistently raise HDL cholesterol, so three eggs a day would be a perfectly safe amount!