How do you balance your own needs with your kids/elders needs? (I’m a sandwiched single parent with two kids and a grandma that I care for daily by myself. I work full time)

Sofia Y.
How do I create different types of vegetarian healthy breakfast that won’t take long( no oatmeal’s or salad or avocado toast pls)
Katja C.
I don’t have kids jet but i have brother and sisters. I need to cook them lunch every weekday so we eat after i end with my zoom classes. They know what to do in the meantime so i can have some me time to go for a walk or do school.
Bianca N.
Well it is important to love and take care of yourself before you can be of true help to others. Though it is very good to think of others needs before your own. Maybe if you are pressed for time, take 11-13 minutes right when you wake up to maybe meditate and pray. See with my meditation, I listen to rave music usually techno, trance, house (stuff like that). It really is a form of self care that you can do then after that you can help your kids and grandma. It’s just a suggestion that may just work for you. Well, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.