Does anyone recommend Whey Protein for the morning?

Marius N.
If you find it tasty, it certainly is not unhealthy as far as I know. I personally do not like the taste, I recommend fresh fruit with joghurt every second day and ham&cheese on toast every other day.
Jeffery Q.
I personally don’t have whey protein, but rather pea protein. I found with whey protein I was still feeling bloated. Pea protein is more natural and I found that it also filled me up for the morning before I was actually ready to eat
Best S.
Well, fruits are very good and eggs it’s a very good option. You could do nuts and any kind of healthy things to be honest..
Walter F.
I would recommend whey protein in the morning, especially if you typically don't have enough time or find yourself eating poorly. What I'd say is have a protein shake/or lean meat in the morning paired with some fruit. This will kick start your metabolism, and will leave you feeling on a great high until your next meal.
Personally I have a protein shake and a banana in the morning. The banana is for the good sugar, and the whey protein shake speaks for itself. I find I'm generally in a better mood when I start my day like this!