What’s your go-to gluten free breakfast?

Denise F.
It is for nuts since they have a high source of energy that burns slower with some protein on the side to make it more balanced diet . Also , a handful of fruits such as citrus fruits and berries don’t contain gluten but will provide you with the necessary nutrients and minerals to start your day
Nicole Z.
I usually make 1 egg + 2 spoons of tapioca and cook like a pancake. You can do whatever you want for filling, but I usually fill with guacamole
Est Ban F.
I had cloud eggs and breakfast tomatoes they were the best thing ever I love them they made me feel so much better than a unhealthy meal.😌
Olivia C.
I love Arepas!! They’re corn based pancakes and you cut them in half and stuff them with avocado, eggs, veggies, beans, cheese anything you want ! Also I have a home made oat and apple bars I got the recipe from FLO period tracker app gluten free healthy and delicious
Roberta N.
I like breakfasts that are quick and easy. I often grab a banana or an orange and a spoonful of peanut butter and hit the road. You can also use a spoonful of almond butter. As long as you have a fruit and a protein, that's what's important.
Zora Q.
An omelet with ham and cheese. Sometimes some potatoes too.
There are many different things to add to an omelet, peppers, spinach, egg whites. It doesn't have to be the same everyday.
Theo E.
I've never considered having a gluten free breakfast. I've had no negative side effects towards gluten so I've never had to steer clear of it. I imagine a fruit smoothie for breakfast would be my gluten free breakfast choice.
Diana X.
I don’t mind gluten, my go to breakfast is golden porridge with chia seeds, peanut butter, cinnamon, turmeric and bananas or blueberries