My nutritionist and doctor both agree breakfast is not important for me and my best health. Anyone else?

Leana A.
Don't know your health and don't know the quality of your advisers. At minimum do water; a little more may be a boiled egg; or something more than that if needed, long as you feel good and have enough energy to do all for your schedule.
Red F.
I think that breakfast is important because our bodies are like cars for our soul. If cars don’t have gas they run out. But they key to having breakfast is having it size proportional to your own specific needs
Phoebe W.
Actually not eating breakfast in the morning is quite bad for you. When you eat breakfast in the mornings it gives you energy for the day until your next meal and if you skip breakfast you won’t have as good of a day as you would if you ate breakfast!
Kent P.
Well it differs from person to person.may be it is not important for you but it is important for some other.
I think if you don't feel like having breakfast it's not a problem at all . whenever you have a want for eating eat out but just remember this one thing that when you eat always choose healthy options
Agata J.
I have seen diets that claim "breakfast isn't that important" they say you should be fasting and all. I am not a nutritionist but I am a doctor so I always encourage my clients to have a good breakfast to have a good start of their day. Less sugar and more protein keeps me going for long. I also like having plain yogurt with chia seeds and a banana when I have been working in the night and feel tired to prepare a proper breakfast or when I am in a hurry.
Elis Ngela A.
When I learned about intermittent fasting is when I realized I dont have to do breakfast…but technically the first meal you eat for the day is breaking fast…so my first meal is at 12 midday and I stop eating at 20:00…since I started eating like that I'm noticed that I dont feel bloated anymore, I dont feel drowsy during the day and I have more energy plus I'm loosing weight
Rosa U.
I use to skip breakfast cause I was never hungry when I wake up in mornings, I make sure now at least to eat a fruit and maybe spoon of peanutbutter.
Edilene E.
I think breakfast is important for everyone and for their best health, because we should try to create more fruits and food The first part of the day, because it’s good for dinner to eat a little.
Gild Sio E.
It depends on what you have planned. If it's not much what your doing you can breakfast. It's all about how much fuel you need for your day.
Red F.
I agree. I like the breakfast cause I on my cooking journey rn. But having a meal closer to lunch seems better when I'm on the go. Or rather a very very early breakfast
Edelnide Z.
My doctors have repeatedly informed me of the importance of kickstarting my metabolism in the morning. Specially since I suffer from anxiety, I need to eat protein and dark green vegetables.
Joy T.
I don't know any doctor or nutrientist that would advise against breakfast, check with someone else and ask them where they are coming from. Why are they suggestiong this? Is it because you have some illness. If it is just a vague advise don't follow it. I suggest you trying to eat a little , a small portion and eventually you feel better and would want to eat more.
Tony P.
I believe breakfast makes a great role in starting the day with a great amount of energy, I used to not eat breakfast and go straight to study. However ever since I've started eating breakfast I have been more energetic and focused. However I don't know what your condition is that both of them said it is better for you to skip breakfast. So it's better if some of the professional fabulous users help you! Fighting!
Chloe U.
Breakfast is the key to open through it the door of your day, it doesn't only fuel your body with energy, it also sparks your mind to the new day and helps you organize your daily schedule. Begin having a breakfast for 3 days a week and check the change throughout your day, physically and mentally.
Oliver O.
While I do not know the underlying reason why your doctors think so, personally I feel more energized after breakfast. It also helps me with my routine and is helpful as I am extremely hungry in morning as there is a significant gap between my breakfast and previous dinner.
Marie W.
Don't think, just make floor space and do it at any time of the day. If you watch a lot of TV then do a couple of sets during the commercial breaks. I sometimes walk around home and do 300 steps before I resume watching.
Hana U.
what do you want to accomplish? What do you need to accomplish and what do you perceive as lazyness?

meditating I'm going to Google the definition

right I've come to a page nine types of meditation. . I know I practice different types but I couldn't exactly effectively label them.

Lea S.
Yes! It’s my favorite meal of the day too! I’m a busy person, so I get things that are easy to cook when I’m getting ready and easy to put into a container on the go! Make ways for it to fit your lifestyle, not be a lifestyle change.
Ana E.
I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It kick starts your body/metabolism, gives you your energy until lunch, and is a time to relax and wake up before your day starts.
Crystal W.
Depend in every situation, for example mine is abt every meal (breakfast to snack in midnight) needs to be healthy and has to be w very nutrition to help me gain muscle and help w my mental health. I have to eat breakfast bc when i dont eat basically im throwing away all my process in one simple meal, crazy i know. Im trying to say is that some people need more breakfast then others, maybe breakfast in ur body and routine don't affect u in good or bad way.
Aur Lien P.
I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor, but what I think is having a good and healthy breakfast not only effects someone's health but also it boosts his/her mind, which again provides him/her a positivity throughout the whole day. I as a college student often skipped my breakfast until last year corona outbreak, but I really felt an emptiness just after half an hour, and the urge made me eat a lot of junk foods outside too after my class ended, which I regret now because now I am suffering from obesity, not very serious, but still I think I could've done better if I didn't skipped my breakfast.
Your doctor might suggest you that having breakfast isn't important, but believe me, as it won't do any harm, you should have it daily, and I am pretty sure you won't regret it, now it's your choice.
All the best friend.
Az Lio C.
Great question. The obvious answers are it keeps your environment orderly, stops pests getting a hold in your home, and reduces the stress of living in a chaotic environment. But personally, I think it's important to frequently confront the things I own and really assess whether I need them. The less stuff I own, the better I feel. I prefer to collect experiences, not material things.
Sarah U.
No, it's not true. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should start your day with some nutritional breakfast.
Gaspard P.
Well, that depends. What are you having for breakfast? Is it a cookie, or is it eggs and toast? Choose a healthy breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day!
Becky Z.
I think breakfast is a very important it's the first meal of the day it helps you to be energetic in the morning and it gives you a boost to start you're day and to be more focused for the rest of the day
Roxane E.
Breakfast is a must to get your system going. The nutritionist is simply agreeing to whatever you feel and if it aligns with Calorie deficits. Skip your dinner, if you want to. The Breakfast and Lunch are very important. If you are Kapha type body, have breakfast and dinner only.
Willard T.
If that is what your medical professionals are saying, then I guess do what you need to do. For many other people though, breakfast is very important 🙂
Gertrude T.
I had an eating disorder for a while (I still struggle with it, I'm just not actively having issues right now) so the structured eating routine wasn't something I could do. I've had multiple doctors tell me that it isn't important when you eat your first meal, justvtjat the first meal is a healthy one with good calories and fats and what not for your body to run on.
Rosa C.
Well you should definitely listen to your nutritionist and doctor over an app if you have some kind of special dietary requirements. However, be sure that you are not misunderstanding them because I find it unlikely that they would straight out advise that you don't eat the meal that helps start your brain in the morning.
Malou F.
Not for me. I used to skip breakfast and just straight to lunch, and it honestly makes me craves more and less energized before lunch time. Having breakfast gives me energy and keeps my mind straight.
Robin J.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s what gets you energized to start your day off right. A healthy breakfast is what keeps you going from start to finish for the whole day, don’t neglect it!
Nils Z.
I usually postpone breakfast to later in the day (around 11AM) unless I’m working out early in the morning. I find that breakfast isn’t as necessary as media and schools hype it to be but it depends on my mood and what activities I’m doing early in the morning. Some days I have breakfast and lunch but don’t really eat dinner, other days I don’t.
Floyd P.
I try to always eat breakfast. And this, because first of all i love food, second because i have noticed I can get over hungry if I leave myself like this for many hours. Trying to keep 5 meals a day.
Alexander U.
Breakfast it's the first meal of the day so that means give you the most energy so you need it don't skip that because if you skip that you'll be tired all day and that's not healthy for everyone
Andy C.
Brealfast is very important, I used to skip this meal, but when i started eating breakfasts I had more energy, better Focus and felt overall better