Any quick health breakfast ideas?

Barry C.
I am trying to make quick and low calories breakfasts. My favourite are scrabmled (2) eggs with vegetable such as a spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomato, onion or bell pepper. I like to prepare it by listening my favourite music. When it's ready on my plate I pour it with some tomato sause. I am trying to keep it in nice looking way so I have more pleasant doing my breakfasts. Toghether with black coffee it is the best morning's habit, which I enjoyed after using Fabulous. Thank you.

Lenny Q.
You can put a slice of bacon in a muffin tin. Bake at 400 for 10 min. (Pouring out the bacon oil from the tin is optional) Crack an egg into the cup and top with your choice of green onion, cheese, or other herb/topping you'd enjoy. Bake another 10 minutes and you can have bacon egg cups in 20. Best part is they reheat well so you can make them the night before and reheat a couple for an extra quick breakfast on the go.

Lance U.
I usually go for a quick bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, flax seed and peanut butter. Very filling with lots of heart healthy ingredients. The best part is it only takes about 5 minutes to come together. Either that or scrambled eggs with some veggies tossed in. Even less time just not as heart healthy.

Kathryn N.
Try to have a balanced diet so maybe have some fruit and some ice cream together or you could have oats but also have some chocolate in that oat breakfast etc…

Eva J.
Breakfast Burritto with only eggs, sweet peppers, onions and tomatoes. Use Olive or Coconut oil on your pan to sautee vegetables.

Tiey S.
Make oatmeal overnight in a bowl with any liquid you enjoy with it add some fruit put in fridge. So it's ready for u in the morning.

Marius F.
A fruit like an apple or a banana, a cereal bar or dry fruit like nuts and almonds you can carry with you when you are in a hurry

Ingmar X.
Vegan soy yoghurts 2(non soy yoghurt can give you stomachache), salad with vegetables, i also like drinking green tea to energize

Mallika N.
You can make granola or scrambled eggs in the microwave. Toast with nut butter is also great. Overnight oats are also easy to prepare at night and fast in the morning. Lastly, you can make a smoothie. Preparing the ingredients in a ziplock bag in the freezer can make it faster.

Adriana O.
A couple eggs with some fruit and a handful of nuts, homemade flour-free banana brownie, overnight oats with protein powder…

Kelly P.
Chia pudding! So many variations exist. Make it the night before. Make five breakfasts worth on a Sunday night! It’s tasty, healthy, and makes your digestive system happy. I also find it super filling which makes me less prone to snacking hours after I’ve eaten.