What can I have for breakfast?

Sajjad N.
I do mix of honey,banana, sesame, chia seeds, yoghort, almonds. Then i will eat cheese on bread with walnuts and greens. This is my perfect breakfast.
Byron X.
Ik begin graag met iets vullend zoals een boterham met avocado . Daarna wat graantjes en yohurt en dan nog een stukje fruit. Ik hou wel van zoete dingen dus ik sta me toe om chocolade dan te eten
Fadzai N.
I like to keep midweek breakfast quick & easy to prepare because mornings are routinely busy; nutritious because health is wealth; yummy, colourful and textured because I enjoy indulging my senses; and tailored to my health needs e.g. my blood type, short &/or long term medical conditions, level of expected activity that day, mood etc. My go to is high fibre cereal, I’m particularly fond of Kellogg’s bran flakes, I add nuts, fresh fruit, my preferred milk & voila! No sugar at all. The fruits add sweetness. I also add marine collagen in my cereal for my skin. Tea &/or water, but always water.

I fast 5:2 so on Fridays and Sundays no brekky, just plain water.

On Saturdays I eat what I feel like and I take my time if I can. I almost always have eggs, vegetables, fruit salad + anything else I fancy that day like avocado, smoked fish fillets, beans, goat cheese, etc & a warm beverage to help with digesting it all. Tea & water are my choice breakfast bevvies.

That said, I have a simple meal planner Mon – Sun that helps me manage my grocery bill, shopping time & ensure I’m always stocked up. 1 tray of blueberries, strawberries & a couple of bananas, tinned peaches with my cereal & milk is my entire breakfast shopping list & it’s under $5/day. It doesn’t get old either.

Hope this helps! Xx

Avery F.
Some healthy food like oat, salad or even just an apple is enough to give you energy for a day. Make something that you like and healthy as your breakfast.