After eating breakfast I usually get very drowsy and sleepy. Coffee helps, but I’m trying to control my caffeine intake. How can I fight this sleepiness?

Josephine J.
Maybe you can try drinking tea instead of coffee. Most type of tea have their own benifets and if that doesnt help maybe try to take around 1/4 of sugar in the morning. This helps get me a little bit awake and gain some energy.

Sylvia Q.
Exercise is the solution for this. The main reason why working people face the problem of feeling drowsy is because of fatigue. It can be caused by overworking stress and all… Cofee helps in fighting drowsiness but over drinking of coffee causes major health problems. So by exercising we can reduce fatigue as well as move our body

Matthew I.
Most likely use your body’s energy throughout the day for example taking a walk every so often so your body knows to give you more energy. Maybe sleeping earlier too

Isabella N.
Hellooo Fabulous!in order not to be drowsy,firstly you must sleep well,secondly you try to wake up earlier than as usual,for example 5 o'clock is the best option for you!Because the very time,your body will be full of energy.