What should I eat in the morning in order to gain weight?

Bob O.
I am not really shure, I am trying to loše weight. But my friend wanted to gain a few pounds, and she ate normal Milk and oats in the morning or drinked smoothies with proteins in poder. Also, I heard a lot of fats(healthy ones like in nuts, bacon, etc.) can help too. You should wach a few vídeos on YouTube where a lot of people expleined their tehnique and methods. Wish you all the best and a great success 💓
Victor Q.
I am no expert but from what I know, you can gain weight by consuming high protein food; so some oatmeal, yoghurt and some nuts or dried fruit should help. But to be sure, I would recommend going to a nutritionist and get a meal plan
Judd W.
To be fair i cant really tell as i am aalways looking for options to loose weight. But why don't you stick to protein based brekfst: eggs, bacon, potatoes (sweet potato) preferred. I also like to include fibers to my breakfast (all sort of salad) and porridge is a very good breakfast.
Maddi M.
The most important is to get a lot of calories, so maybe some carbs and healthy fats, like toast with avocado or peanut butter, and then some protein to complete.
Marilyn C.
I’m trying to put on muscle, so I prioritize lean protein and fill it out with healthy carbs. Most mornings I will eat chia pudding, oatmeal, or a shake first and then an hour later two hard boiled eggs.
Jade T.
Hi. It depends if you want to increase muscle weight or fat. For muscle, lean protein like eggs, cold lean meats and a small amount of porridge with a spoon of almond butter in. Plus plenty water.
For fat, anything with a high calorie content. Wholewheat toast with peanut butter and banana. Or breakfast cereal with sugar. Or bacon fried with butter on some white toast.
Hope this helps.
Amalie G.
Sugary things like cinnamon rolls, pancakes covered in sugar, and other things that have fast sugars instead of slow sugars to keep me full longer.
Megan E.
Eating nuts and meat at the same time is a great weight gaining combo! Both are calorically dense and healthy so you aren’t filling up on junk foods in an attempt to gain weight. Another great option is to snack on dates. They provide a lot of sugar which will increase your glycogen stores and help you workout harder! Good luck!
Terumi Q.
To gain weight, you should eat eggs and meat. Eggs have a lot of protein and so do meats which makes you gain muscle. Muscle can make you gain weight.
Dolores P.
I've never tried to gain weight before. I was at a healthy weight untill I had a hysterectomy in my early 40s and went into menopause. Now I'm on my way to losing 35 pounds to get back to my healthy weight. I would recommend eating healthy even when trying to gain weight. Perhaps you should ask a nutritionist for suggestions. Sorry I couldn't answer your question. Be well and STAY FABULOUS!😊🤩
Caroline U.
I've been feeling better and appearing to gain some weight by eating fats for breakfast. Just a couple pieces of bacon cooked slightly under crispy on the stove with a very short rest on a paper towel. Ill also eat half and avocado (sometimes just a quarter, especially at first as I wasn't used to eat at all in the morning) with a little salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Maybe a fried egg in lots of butter and a whole wheat toast with a nut butter. A glass of a chocolate nutrional milk like Carnation or a protein milk. This is my ideal breakfast that I strive for but often either don't have the time, energy or motivation. Some times some nuts, and a whole fat yogurt and fruit work great too. Play around with healthy fatty foods that you like! I hope you find what works and gets you feeling your best.
Jayden P.
In order to gain weight I would suggest eating food that is high in protein ( like bacon, eggs) and add potatoes cooked the way you like them. Include a glass of whole milk.
Dana T.
Gaining weight should be associated to healthy eating and muscles. Perhaps a shake made with healthy plant proteins and a robust piece of avocado toast (with seeds) would be helpful? I would avoid fiber-rich foods.
Gloria C.
If by gain weight you mean muscle, I suggest good rich in carbs, fats and lots of protein! I would say eggs and toast is my favorite breakfast, although I’m looking for weight gain. I love two pieces of multigrain toast with two over-easy(jumbo) eggs and a splash of egg whites! The protein, carbs and fat from the yolk keep me full and energized till lunch! If you’re a looking to gain weight, just bump up the portion, or try splitting up a larger portion into two small meals (like 1st breakfast when you first wake up and 2nd breakfast a bit later when you’re ready.)

Other breakfast ideas are a big bowl of oatmeal (made with protein powder or eggs whites) with fruit and a tablespoon or two of peanut butter, or a big bowl of Greek yogurt with fruit and granola. 🙂

Justin S.
If you are wanting to gain weight, I would suggest eating more foods that contain starches or protein. Usually eating foods like these can help you gain weight
Austin I.
Nothing. In fact don't eat ANYthing for an entire week and then start shoving your face with as many calories and carbs as you can after that. The point is to destroy your metabolism in the first week of not eating anything so it can't catch up to all your eating in the second week. You will gain so much fat you'll be surprised at the results I promise you. I wouldn't recommend anyone actually take this approach to gaining weight. This is a joke. Please don't actually do this you will hurt yourself.
Elias U.
Porridge, oats, nuts, a bit of fruit… complex carbohydrates that will add healthy fats and help you gain muscle. Also good for fibre, so when you're eating more meals in the day to gain weight you won't suffer constipation!
Malou W.
Hi you! From what I've been reading, you should choose complex carbs for your breakfast. Nothing processed, though. Go for something more natural like oats with honey and fruits or banana pancakes. Choose something that is healthy and organic – and stick with it for three months. Good luck