Should breakfast be a big meal? I’m having Optifast shakes with a banana. Is that okay?

Keith Z.
No, it's always better to eat real food, food that has all the nutrients your body needs to start good the day! And that comes from real food! Oats, eggs abocado, f

Bella E.
Breakfast should be a big meal. I prefer ceasing eating by 18:00 each day. So the following meal must be big including mostly good fats and protein with very little carbohdrates

Charlie Z.
You probably want to eat the most nutritious meal of the day at breakfast. For most people, this is about 4 oz. (100g) of protein, plus about 2 oz. (30g) of carbohydrates. Bananas are extremely carbohydrate-dense.

Also, make sure you get the vitamins and minerals you need every day. Many, like vitamin C, are water soluble and require additional intake.

Odalissa N.
I started Optavia a couple of months ago and was wondering the same thing. I’ve always heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Plus, I am diabetic. I was really concerned about having so few calories. On Optavia, I’m eating 6 meals a day. 4 very small 100 calorie-ish meals and 2 healthy protein and greens meals. Thus far, it’s worked out great. I’m rarely hungry, my blood sugar is stable and I’m losing weight at a reasonable pace. All that being said, my short answer is that as long as you aren’t starving yourself before lunch and you are paying attention to the nutrients in the shake, I think you will be ok.