Is milk appropriate in the mornings?

Rebecca Q.
Milk is fine in the mornings. But there are healthier alternatives. And it depends on your preference. Some people enjoy soya milk, others almond milk. Personally, I prefer to use coconut milk. It gives my oats a taste of the exotic, whilst being a healthier substitute for dairy.
Vict Ria S.
It’s better to drink water first. Water flushes your system of toxins. You may drink milk, too, though, afterward. Organic milk is preferable. Milk (cow’s milk) has a lot of potassium, which most people do not get enough of!
Theodore F.
Right now I am avoiding milk product during morning because of gestational diabetes. I prefer porridge with some nuts and it makes me full for long time 🙂
Cody J.
Of course it is. It’s a great head start to your day and contains calcium, which is needed for you if you’d like more muscle
August U.
Milk is very appropriate in the morning, it provides the body with nutrients like calcium and protein needed for the daily life
Eddie C.
Milk is good in the morning because it has tons of good minerals and vitamins that give you a jump-start in your nutrient requirements for the rest of the day, but one down side is that it's quite heavy to digest, but generally it's good.
Melitta U.
I think milk is appropriate in mornings because milk has most of nutrients ,my parents usually tell me milk stands for food so if you don’t feel like having any heavy food you can drink milk and it’s all good