How do you add variety to your meals

Chad E.
My trick has always been spices, using different spices and herbs can transform any dish. Always shop different ingredients every week to avoid monotony.
Vivian A.
More vegetables and fruits. As only eat half cup of rice in the morning. Then meat cooked with lots of veggies. Lots and lots of boiled eggs. If fish and seafood s are available then that wood be great!
Carrie T.
Use my food bag, they plan variety for you and recipes you wouldn’t normally make and force you to cook healthier options and portions
Paul F.
Try new things, browse recipes and try and mix them up, though sticking with the same great breakfast, I would consider to be a good idea, or maybe 2 different breakfasts just to keep life orderly.
Philip N.
Inspiration and meal plans. Keep a few staples as to not get overwhelmed but then fill in a couple of nights in the meal plan with new meals. You could find beautiful cool books or Pinterest.
Juanita P.
I follow a Mediterranean diet. There is a lot of variety with vegetable meals and not only. I am not a vegetarian but I try to keep a balance on the amount of meat I consume.
Layla T.
I found this very cute way for breakfast as it is the hardest meal for me to start during my rushing mornings
What I do is get a muffin pan and six eggs with whatever cheese you like and meat. Beat them together with seasonings and measure them in the pan after spraying with pam.

Bake for 25 minutes and wahla!!

Taciano I.
Commit to making just one new or different meal a week. I guarantee that they wont all work out, but some will. Then go back and remake ones you liked. Before long you will have an arsenal of new interesting meals to make. And you'll build confidence in your cooking skills too.
Cassandre Z.
I try to awoid sugar and processed stuff, and see what I can vome up with. You dont need much variety. More. Of like balanced stuff thats easy yo make and stick to
Sofia Y.
Well I prepare first. I try to get a little of everything when I’m out grocery shopping. I hate the same things over and over again.
Julian J.
I always look for recipes with new vegetables to try and explore meatless options to ensure I am constantly expanding my food horizons.
Ekkehart F.
I usually dont add variety to my meals. I eat the same things , salads with the same veggies z and generally the same menu every week.
Ma Ra P.
I start with the basics, a protein such as fish or chicken and then fill with vegetables. Adding a carb or starch like potato or pasta. Making your own dressings or sauces help make it healthier and less repetitive.
Ellen W.
Well, I usually reduce variety in meals) So how to add… Just go to a foodstore and pick a random product) Then Come home ang find out, how to Cook it) Then Cook and you Will get variety) it is just one option from thousands) to get something New just do something New)
Edward T.
I try and have ingredients that can make a lot of different meals to make it easy. Chicken with tacos, chicken with rice. Add different spices and switch up the veggies depending on what is fresh. Keep it simple but don't get bored and tired of the same meal everyday.