What are some good smoothie recipes?

Tyrone O.
Check out the green Goddess recipe from Bosh! It is really easy, and tastes nice despite a pretty hefty amount of kale and spinach. It's a wonderful way to load up on goodness for the day, and you can pre-portion the ingredients in the fridge to make it even easier to make in the mornings.
Nikola X.
Some good complementary ingredients for a smoothie are :
Banana and mango
Strawberries and banana
Mixed berries
Beetroot and apple

Some ingredients that will thicken your smoothie :
Frozen banana (frozen banana blended alone can be made into a healthy ice cream)
Protein powder or powdered peanut butter
Thick non-dairy yoghurt

Some ingredients to top your smoothie:
Seeds (e.g. Chia seeds or pumpkin seeds)
Dried fruit
Fresh fruit

Some liquids for your smoothie:
Fresh juice or non-concentrated juice
Non-dairy yoghurt

Agave syrup
Fruit syrup
Coconut sugar

Nicklas Z.
I mix frozen fruit, greens, chai seeds, and plant based milk into a blender. I also add things like honey or cinnamon, depending on the fruit I've added.
Victoria G.
My personal favorite is a nutella smoothie, with bananas, strawberries, almond milk and a scoop of nutella. I get my nutrients and my sugar in for the day.
Selma F.
My favorite smoothie is an oatmeal and banana smoothie. Yum!
– 1 full banana
– 1 packet of brown sugar oatmeal
– 1 heaping tbsp of peanut butter
– ice
– 1/2 cup of water or milk (standard or nut variety)
Abdul I.
6oz cranberry juice
1 pack Sambozan unsweetened açai pulp
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 tsp chia seeds

May need to add water to thin the consistency a bit. It’s tart more than it is sweet, but it is definitely refreshing and I feel energized as heck after I drink it. Also, antioxidants galore! I like it with a few mint leaves sometimes, too.

Shane U.
You can blend together a banana, half cup of milk and cinnamon as you like. If you want a little bit of sugar, you can add a half spoon of nuts butter. You won't regret it!
Marcus U.
I love strawberry banana and peanut butter banana the most. I use yogurt, almond milk, ice, and whatever fruits, etc. sometimes I put a handful of spinach to get a good amount of greens and you can’t taste it. After it’s all blended I sometimes toss in some chia seeds for a nice little texture and healthy bonus points